Technique training vestibular apparatus

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vestibular apparatus - this is the same equal organ of the human body, like the liver or heart.It allows to determine the position and movement of the body in space, even with your eyes closed.With Latin vestibulum translated as "eve" as is as though the door leading into our heads - in the inner ear.The organ of balance consists of three semicircular canals (in the form of curved tubes) and two membranous sacs filled with a special fluid - endolymph.These bags inside paved with supersensitive receptor fibers.When the body changes position, the membrane begins to slide on the hairs receptors, bending them in one direction or another.

deaf people have vestibular system is idle, but they control their movements with the help of the receptor and tactile (skin) sensitivity, which responds to the force of gravity.

steep-spinning blue ball

final development of the vestibular apparatus is completed by 10-12, and sometimes - to 15 years.Until that time, it would be nice to "pump up" as t

he muscle that is strengthened.Better to start from childhood, as soon as the baby learns to walk independently.And be careful if you notice that your child is pale in the minibus, he complains of weakness and dizziness - this may be a sign of disturbances in the vestibular apparatus.To help his son or daughter to cope with such problems, not necessarily immediately stuff the baby medication.Will ordinary swing.Yes, attractions (within reason, of course) - excellent training for the vestibular system of the baby.You can start from your home or yard rocker, gradually increasing the time of swing of 3 minutes to 10-15.Ideal if such a practice is supported by the usual cheerful morning exercises to tilt and rotate the head and torso.

But what about adults?

If motion sickness - your enemy number one, do some aerobics, jogging suit, basketball, volleyball and football.These shakes are very useful for the organ of balance: while moving around the site or to the field at different speeds excitability of the vestibular apparatus is sharply reduced, it dates back to the loads.How else to react to vestibulum?Start with raditsionnoy charge (in the morning or during the day): tilt and swivel head;smooth rotation thereof from one shoulder to the other, turning the body in different directions.Each movement is performed first by 2-3 times and gradually bring the number up to 8-10 times.Do not overdo it, guided by feel.For more hardy helpful somersaults, pulling on the bar.Excellent hardening techniques for training the vestibular system - rocking passive.For example, in a rocking chair, hammock, on the rides.True, it is better to do it on an empty stomach.Abundant dinner strengthen discomfort while driving.Here is one of the most effective exercises for complaining of dizziness: cross your legs, pressing them tightly next to each other.Tighten your buttocks, abdominals and thighs for 5-8 seconds, then relax.Repeat this exercise for 10-15 minutes.Such a charge would improve the blood supply of the brain, stimulates the central nervous system.Dizziness pass or reduced.

should train their body balance, and go to the truck did not, grab a drug "Aeron" (or any similar), it reduces the sensitivity of the vestibular apparatus.But do not abuse these tools, otherwise you'll have to fight against the habit of just that - grasping for a tablet.As for folk remedies - the best doctor in the impact on the vestibular apparatus - the ginger root.Scientists from the American Research herbal medicine laboratory in Salt Lake City have shown that the effectiveness of ginger root powder exceeds all known pharmacological drugs for motion sickness.To regain a sense of balance, take one gram of powder of dried ginger root.When traveling still feel no better, eat a couple of ginger biscuits.Yet remember: the best means to balance our Atlanta - regular exercise.

What it confusing?

disrupt the body's vestibular system of the inner ear disease may be hormonal disorders, diseases of the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, spinal injury, brain, severe stress.The most important feature - dizziness.If Meniere's disease (malaise, which appears long and frequent dizziness) it sometimes lasts for hours.In these cases, the doctor usually appoints special exercises and complex medicines.

How to detect the problem?

This will help you: vestibular tests (you perform special exercises, and the doctor examines the eye movement and diagnoses).The specialist may prescribe a blood test, magnetic resonance imaging of the brain, electrocardiogram, research vessels of the head and neck.

Unbelievable but true:

Chinese claim that there is a magic remedy for motion sickness from the arsenal sudzhok therapy.Saving is situated exactly in the middle of the wrist, at a distance of three fingers from the upper fold of the brush.It is necessary to put pressure on heavily, you can rub forcefully clockwise and counterclockwise.The method takes effect within 3-7 minutes.