Multiple sclerosis: an alternative treatment

Why did this happen to me?

Rivil sure doctors themselves do not know until the end, where are the disease.They do not know how to take multiple sclerosis, treatment is necessary for this alternative.And most importantly - than to treat them.Compiled by thousands of medical reference books, painted regimen of drugs, but each time the confidence of the "white coat", the patient agrees to the experiment on himself.

in their carefree 34 Rivil seemed the epitome of carefree.The psychologist and journalist, she was an exemplary wife, wrote children's stories, three children and was expecting the birth of a fourth - his son.Rivil appointed to Caesar, but something went wrong operation, revealed bleeding woman in labor has lost a lot of blood.So much that the blood bank it was not enough, had to give up the cry among the miners (it was in Donetsk) to donate blood for the young mother.The miners surrendered.And, apparently, with someone else's blood into the body got neuroinfection.Mother and son were left t

o live, but for Rivil it was a completely different life with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and the first group of disability.

«At first it was a shock - says Rivil.- I could not understand why this happened to me - such a buoyant and positive.I look for the cause, but is not for the multiple sclerosis treatment alternative and could not find it.I analyze all your thoughts and actions.I realize that for 34 years has not realized its potential was dependent and did what others need, not me.I did not like and did not want.I came to the idea of ​​their hardness of heart - psychosomatic cause of multiple sclerosis.I did and she never loved her husband, rather afraid of him.And it has driven itself into a corner.Reasons for virtually any disease - a deep resentment, lack of joie de vivre, the hormones of happiness, satisfaction.The disease has changed me completely. "

Rivil says
, he respects his illness.He or kills a man, or makes it extremely strong.The second scenario - probably an exception, multiple sclerosis can not be cured, and slowly but surely turning into a human wreck."When you go to this disease as the clouds - continues my companion.- Sclerotic plaques destroy the membranes of nerve fibers, they seemed to become bare.Man becomes insensitive, does not see, does not hear.Do you want to go, and the legs do not know how.Do you want to take something, but his hands are not taken.At the crucial morning I could not handle any pen or needle.His fingers did not obey, and legs refused to go. "

this state was preceded by five years of classical hormonal treatment in hospital of multiple sclerosis treatment alternative.Liver Rivil already stratified by prednisolone side effects and other heavy artillery pharmacies.Vision fell, it became muddled, she moved mostly on crutches."I'm totally disappointed in medicine.I realized that this side of me not to wait for help - says to me Rivil.- I felt that my experiment.Since then, 16 years have passed, but in the treatment of multiple sclerosis has not changed.I meet young people who come to me for help - all the same: the same drugs and approaches.And the finale: the wheelchair, bed, and - there is no person.I got into medical bondage, and, realizing this, began to look for another way. "

In terms of official medicine
Rivil took nonsense.Every day she represented as a company of brave soldiers special pumps it cleans the liver, draining her sclerotic plaques.Communicate with your body, he urged the diseased cells (they are mad or crazy) live in unison with the healthy.It was much more difficult than to take a pill.She imagined herself on the operating table in heaven.Consilium surgeons Angels decided to change the entire liver Rivil not completely, but in parts.She fantasized about how a slice of a slice of the body is restored.When a few years later she was sent for an ultrasound, the doctor does not believe his eyes: the liver was healthy.In his imagination Rivil bathing under the waterfall jets heavenly, washed out from every cell disease.She struggled with multiple sclerosis creative thinking.

Conversation with barakabaloy

«I believe in your inner strength in the fact that my body - it is a beautiful machine that is tired of bad gasoline filling stations, - explains Rivil.- And began working with the body itself.Always I wake up in a good mood, greeted with all its organs, which, incidentally, do to this day.Do morning exercises his thoughts and bodies.When you're sick, you need to think less about themselves, but love yourself.I started a blog of good deeds, and began to search for those who are weaker than me, who can help.Fingers still obey me badly, but I make the first two dolls and went with them to the children's onkootdelenie Kiev.Later, these visits are logged in.Talk to children, she asked about the health, smiled, sang songs with them, shows a representation, composing stories.One of them - a mad cancer cell barakabale, prishelitse from another planet that everyone is afraid of, but it's actually very afraid of us.I helped myself by helping others. "

Rivil prevented
close to self-pity, no longer consider himself a sick man.And that, she says, has accelerated the break with her husband.He did not suffer her newfound inner freedom.They've divorced.For three years she studied him, but at the same time, did not seem to notice you."Once I realized I could move without crutches - says Rivil.- For a while, I went with sticks, and then felt that they interfere.I am a woman caught.He says: "You're so beautiful, young, why do you stick?" I thought, "And, the truth, why?" Familiar invited me to march, I already went normally, but without the feeling of hardness in the feet.It was ashamed to admit that I can not ride.Found a bike, I sat down, put his feet on the pedals and go.Soon my feet back sensitivity.The main principle of the victory over the disease - not to put her on the throne, otherwise it will win all your territory, will demand sacrifices and worship. "

incentives that step by step, moving away Rivil the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, was life itself, the desire to do something good and useful.She began with a puppet theater for children with cancer, and who were his actors.I compose good stories where the main characters magically won their ailments, and then put them to the little patients.Hospital life of children undergoing chemotherapy, does not possess the joyful events and variety.Fairy Godmother Rivil with their performances from the kids tore oppressive atmosphere.She worked all together and each separately, and the results are amazing.

«I worked
a twelve year old girl that was twice the operated - said my companion.- She found the stem tumor in the spinal cord.Abroad, these neoplasms considered fatal, inoperable.The tumor grows until, finally, not crush human.When I started practicing with his patient, she had gone to nearby organs metastasis.We worked in the bathroom, decorated with its scenery, arranged the candles.And with his eyes closed visualize the point of the tumor and fabulous snow machines, which were collected and taken them.Then he turns on the shower, and she realized how fresh the May rain washes away all the remnants of the disease.When she said she feels the fragrance of flowers in the garden, the water was turned off.After three months of training, control pictures MRI showed that the tumor is almost resolved.The doctors were shocked.Then the family immigrated to Canada.We have not seen each other for five years.Recently they called - my patient is in order. "

Lust for Life

Rivil argues that people often do not want to recover.Ninety percent of critically ill like to live in the midst of pity for the person."Psychologically, it was very hard for me to give up sticks - recalls Rivil.- When you're not like everyone else, you use the bonus sympathy: do not stand in line with you agree, everywhere passed.I was a man, who, after a few sessions refused to continue.He said: "I do not know how I will live if get better."The first rule of recovery - despise their diagnosis.You say you have this or that, and you - do not believe.If a person feels unwell and goes to the doctor, he inevitably becomes a subordinate.Including with respect to his illness.And it is very important to act, to strive for something, to have a purpose in life.In Western Ukraine, is a man who treats cancer pain.To bring him hopeless patients.It sends the relatives, and he puts the patient back on the bike and takes in the woods riding.

First go quietly, but at some point, the motorcycle dials breakneck speed and rushing into the abyss.The passenger understands that they are now broken, clinging to the driver (after his stranglehold patients repeatedly broke the ribs).Seconds before the death of the man forgets everything, and all attention switches to his own life, aware of its value.Then it turns out that there is no break in front, but the vision of the world in those few seconds change.After the patient has no purpose, he wants nothing and dies from exhaustion and emptiness.But at the moment of real contact with death she returns to him a thirst for life.This method helps to almost everything. "

Rivil handed over analyzes ten years ago - since then she does not go to the hospital.She was not interested.She looks great and tells her life after the illness became much more interesting and happy.Still would!Most recently, she met the true love - her current husband Igor.Daughter Rivil secret from my mother hung on dating her profile.Initially, the list of applicants to explore the figure of 900 was calculated, the number of candidates is gradually reduced to three.The photo Igor Rivil seemed too young, but very positive.She decided to meet with him in order to divert his daughter.But, having met, they will not leave.Igor opened Rivil world of Ayurveda.She switched to a vegetarian diet, gave up coffee and tea penetrated eastern philosophy after a trip to India.Igor and Rivil - minded.They work together on the project "House of Tales" for children with cancer, together engaged in children's theater, enjoy life together and help each other discover new facets of her.

«As a rule, ill, people cut themselves a question: why?- Says Rivil.- But few who ask: why?I for myself to answer: if I had not been ill, have not consummated a revolution in my mind, and I would not have been able to help many people.Before his illness, he lived in the garage, and then got into the palace.Realize that the human body has a huge effect, you just need to open it in themselves. "