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How to store caviar


roe caviar is obtained at catching fish of the salmon family.These include salmon, chinook, sockeye, salmon and others. The value of eggs is very high.Since the spawn - is the future fry, it is easy to guess that in caviar contains a bunch of nutrients so necessary for the development of fish.Almost third of caviar - a protein make up 13% fat, 50% - lecithin.The composition also includes eggs manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, iron, iodine, sodium, potassium, magnesium.From vitamins in eggs contain vitamins A, B, D, E. Also caviar contains folic acid, which helps in the proper development of the fetus in the womb.In addition, eggs are often recommended for people who have very low hemoglobin.

How to store eggs

How to store eggs not every woman knows.Strictly speaking, and what's the difficulty?In fact, improper storage of eggs spoil it.

To begin with, what to buy eggs for the future, and even in large amounts is not desirable.The fact that long-term storage caviar loses

the taste and it is not so tasty.It is better to buy one or two jars of caviar and either eat immediately or put in the refrigerator, but for a short time.

when stored unopened jars of caviar we must remember that the ideal storage temperature is between -4 and -6ºS.Store eggs in a closed tin can more than a year and not in the refrigerator.

But you know perfectly well that the refrigerator can not fulfill these conditions - the freezer temperature is much lower.In the refrigerator is maintained zero temperature, even the lowest.Therefore, to get a little closer to the ideal temperature of the eggs should be stored either in a pan (if you have a fridge Soviet assembly), or on a shelf, which is closest to the freezer.

If you have to postpone an open jar of caviar, then it must also be put in the refrigerator where the coldest place, but first you need to pass the eggs in a glass container and cover with cling film.In the refrigerator open eggs can be stored for more than three days.The native container, ie,tin, can not leave the eggs, because what will happen oxidation, which can lead to poisoning.

Sometimes housewives wonder whether stored frozen red gold?The answer is simple - do not.When freezing eggs is the destruction of eggs, and as a result you get a shapeless mess.And to pay big money for the future porridge unreasonable.

Red caviar is very useful product and postpone its use is not necessary.It is better to take a spoon and eat with pleasure.

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