What is now a trendy tan?

Changing notions of prestige and changed attitude to the bronze pollen.Loss of respect for the former military service and work in the fresh air.The powers that be have gone into the shadows - pallor became a sign of high social status.

is white

in Medieval Europe could only be sunburnt sailors, peasants and soldiers.But she ceases to be a whites.In the course were the color of flour powder (face), blue pencils (they summed vein in the upper chest - the skin seemed almost cyanotic) and even vinegar (inside).The body is concealed under clothes, hands - under gloves, face and sometimes lacked an umbrella.However, the maid of honor, Zateinitsa did not hesitate to appear on walks with special masks on the face, hold them had teeth.In Spain, fell out of favor court ladies threatened terrible punishment - they were forced to sunbathe, thereby making it impossible to their appearance in society.

reforms in the style of Chanel

Belosnezhek reign lasted until the XX century, it is remarkable to many, in

cluding the dawn of the empire Chanel.It Coco, lover of small revolutions, is credited with the rehabilitation of sunburn.Legend has it that during a sea cruise Chanel had the imprudence to sunbathe.However, public opinion has always been her care.So getting off the ship with a bronze tan, it is thus defined, the color of the skin will be "wearing" a fashionista.Apparently, Mademoiselle decided that little black dress will be better with a tan.Henceforth, it was considered a sign of elite, which can afford to vacation on the beaches of Biarritz and leisure like golf, tennis and horseback riding.

rapidly changing lifestyle of secular young ladies.They quickly attached to an active lifestyle, picnics, sports.Dresses became shorter and more open, giving sunlight access to the body.There was a need for a special "solar" cosmetics.One of the first such funds were Gletscher Creme (Ice cream) and American product Red Vet Pet.They block ultraviolet radiation, but in texture resembled petrolatum.Much more mild sunscreen received thanks of the German company "Beiersdorf", offering the public an absolute novelty - the oil for the skin containing the know-how of the brand - the water-oil emulsifier Eucerit.Oil has been developed specifically for the care of skin during and after sunbathing.Later, in the ladies' beach bag turned revolutionary new products that protect from the sun: creams, tanning oils, lotions after tanning.

not lagged behind and manufacturers of decorative means putting on the conveyor release bronzers powders and foundations of tonal effect of sunburn.All the ladies already know what a tan is now fashionable.

In the Soviet Union swarthy cheeks of young workers were considered a sign of health, employment and active (but well-deserved!) Holiday.The population of the country's powerful firming in the Crimean resorts and beaches of Sochi.Until the late '70s people were roasting in the sun in the blessed ignorance, as it is the sun affects their health.At this time in Europe, we are actively thinking about sun protection.For example, a consumer-European in 1935 could buy sunscreen different brands, but the most popular bone

truth about sun

Came 80th.American Academy of Dermatology has sounded the alarm about the growing incidence of skin cancer, called one of the catalysts of addiction to sun baths.Association held a conference, whose conclusions were disappointing: there is no safe tan;UV-radiation provokes cancers and the destruction of collagen and elastin in the skin.Slightly reassured employees FDA (Office of FDA Food and Drug Administration), they determined that special filters in the composition of cosmetics protect skin from harmful UV-rays, and developed the first table ranking SPF.Thus began the era of protection from the sun.Now, every self-respecting cosmetics company certainly introduces range of sunscreen series.Since 1981, the market of sun-protection cosmetics have been significant changes: to intensify production of sunscreens of different brands, but an innovator was still brand NIVEA.She first began to produce tools for the protection from ultraviolet radiation, which take into account the types of skin protected from the rays of the spectrum A and B, and contain natural ingredients.In addition, it owns.authorship of protective equipment for hypersensitive skin and a series of cosmetics for children.So the brand has raised the bar for other manufacturers and has become a kind of standard quality.

change in the form of funds: in 1999, in the sale appears in the form of a spray lotion NIVEA, which is superior to the practicality of their predecessors.Pleasant for the skin, non-greasy and waterproof, it also perfectly protects against the sun's rays.From now on, sunscreen is not associated with white stains on the body and adhered to them with sand.Today, sunburn - like jeans - out of fashion, like - wear.Therefore, the beaches of Florida, the Spanish Costa and other places under the sun filled with people who want to get rich skin.These blonde - Germans, Danish and Swedish women - yearning in his native northern regions of sunlight, readily reveal white bodies on the beaches.Residents States and the United Kingdom are divided into two camps: one is sure to spend a vacation in Florida, Spain and on the islands, or make regular visits to the solarium.Parallel cultivated pallor: trendsetters periodically "wear" porcelain skin;the standard of beauty are skinned Dita Von Teese, Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett.Stars share secrets of perfect white: do not go out in the sun without a layer of sunscreen with a high SPF.But a prerequisite for the chocolate and tan, pale and delicate remains sunscreen: for example, suntan lotion with carotene make shade smoother and richer, and without the means to protect sensitive areas (lips, skin under the eyes) and not worth going out inhot day.

course, chocolate tan hides minor flaws, and even seem a bit slimmer and lighter skin is no less enticing.However, the fact that she is old, much later version generously caressed by the sun - a weighty argument to buy sunscreen.And most importantly - to take advantage of them, coming to the beach.