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What are the things needed in the hospital for mom and baby


a little more suitable for "man" (with long and short sleeves), body (to it do not forget to take the sliders).Solid cut these things allows you to quickly change out the crumbs.How many clothing items needed?Let's count.Since the normal course of childbirth out you probudesh about three days, take two outfit for every day.A total of six.

Socks are also needed in the locker room.If the delivery date came in the warm season, a pair of terry enough (just in case!) And two pairs of knitting (only pick the most common, with no rubber soles).It is useful to be and caps, caps for baby (just follow so that their child is not too hot, and he was not sweating).And please try not coddle toddler.

Many people believe that diapers - a relic of the past and modern kiddies are nowhere.But these cuts of matter are not just for changing!They can lay on the table, where you will disguise crumbs or in the crib, where he would sleep.By the way, some of them (such as terry area) even serve as a large towel!So

we advise all the way from them to give and take with you.


Two flannelette pelenochki and a flannel bed sheet and serve bract (if hot) small.

Buy a few disposable diapers, tablecloths (preferably of different sizes).One lay a changing table, and the other put to bed under a sheet.Now the "wet incidents" you are not afraid!

last item on the list - children's cosmetics.Here most of the mothers did not know the steps and begin to buy almost all the existing facilities for infants.In vain!Advance purchase is worth only what you will need in the hospital and for the first time at home (remember that the shelf life is limited by any means!).


Baby soap (liquid or solid), and useful to you, and crumbs.One small piece is enough to wash away the baby, and wash your hands the most.

Bring the cream to a choice responsibly.Because a baby's delicate skin needs special care, such an approach, which would protect it and help prevent irritation of diaper rash, redness (these ailments often disturbed infants).And a very important detail.It is desirable that cosmetics that you buy a small child, was hypoallergenic (see markings on the tube, a jar, a container).

If during the cold season about whether to take to the hospital baby powder, you can still think, and what things are necessary to the hospital for mother and child, in the heat, it is simply irreplaceable!Why is that?Because effectively absorbs excess moisture that accumulates on the skin under the diaper.By the way, you're taken to a package?Surely you choose exactly what you need: diapers for infants.Another put wet wipes and all equipped with bag!