How to wash children's clothes for a newborn?

  • baby feeding.The introduction of complementary foods in 4.5-6 months, marks the beginning of a new era of spots - from vegetable and fruit purees and juices.Even harmless-looking bananas are able to leave on their clothes black stubborn marks.Painted fruits and vegetables - especially.

Svezheposazhennye stains can be worked out by pouring boiling water on them from a height.The more powerful the jet, the better, so you need to climb over the spot higher, you can even climb up on a stool.Boiled water will need about three liters, and pour it should trickle race.If the clothing is not designed to handle hot water or stain has dried up, it must be treated with a special stain remover and then wash the car by hand or using other detergents.White or rack respondents clothes can be cleaned from the fruit stains ns only through new-fangled means.You will need the potassium permanganate and 3% cent hydrogen peroxide.In a glass bowl, mix a small amount of crystals of potassium permanganate with peroxide, achi

eving complete dissolution of the crystals.Apply the mixture on the stain.After his disappearance, rinse the fabric with clean water.And wash as usual.

  • kid moved.Mastering an apartment or a suburban area, the child gathers a collection of patches of different backgrounds.Zastiryvaem with stain remover, then - a total wash.Grass.The green patch pour alcohol (can be technical);after traces disappear zastiryvaem in water and again - to be laundered.The adhesive resin poplar buds and dandelion juice - stain remover and wash.Homo habilis.The time when the child is attached to the manual creation, does not pass without a trace, traces of markers.Soluble alcohol, cologne or stain remover.Gouache of watercolor.Displays hot vinegar.Clay - a half-hour soaking in very hot water.Plasticine.Stain your clothes put in the freezer to freeze plasticine, then scraped with a knife.Lipstick.It often find baby in my mother's purse and go into action.Spots of lipstick asleep brown.Why caress the fabric first with soapy and then clean water.If the paint is coming off the fabric, the stain of lipstick output mixture of ether and turpentine (1: 1).On the product of his jersey is first treated with a thick gruel of gasoline and pebbles, then rubbed with hot glycerine.
  • Kindergarten.Why not just bring out the inquisitive kid!Tea.Please treat clothing with stain remover, then wash as usual.Grease stains.Dishwashing detergent put on the spot for 10 minutes.After clothes zastiry hiring and send in the car.
  • Dirty soles pantyhose.Zastiryvaem with stain remover before washing.Gum.Put in the freezer, then scraped with a knife, like plasticine.Cocoa.The mix equal parts ammonia and turpentine and put on the spot.Will cold and sparkling water.Chocolate.Fresh stains sprinkle table salt, then wash.If fails, treat the stain with warm 1.5% aqueous ammonia.Sweet marks on wool or silk bright clothing wipe with warm glycerine, leave for 15 minutes, then wash.
  • blood.With light-colored clothes removed 3% hydrogen peroxide.With dyed - a special stain remover.Wash clothes soiled with blood can only be in the cool water.Sand.Thing after a walk dry, clean brush, then wash.With tracks on his knees cope paint thinner or enzymatic stain remover.

protect from dirt

stains can be prevented.In a sandbox child to play better non-marking of waterproof clothing fabric.Ideal - jeans and a windbreaker.Classes in painting protect clothing from stains difficult.Kids love to draw not only on paper but also to smear paint on the surrounding objects and ourselves.Buy daze special "apron artist" with sleeves covering the clothes almost entirely crumbs.Just remember that in a waterproof oilcloth child may be too hot.Very little can be offered to paint in the bathroom - after the lessons easier to wash and "masters" and "workshop."For pictures of the tiles used finger paints and crayons.It can be mounted on the bathroom wall sheet of drawing paper or special stencils are coated with loop.Besides special paints essentially south-soluble markers.Traces of them are easily washed off with plain water.Most patches appear on the clothes of the meal.When a child is beginning to lure, he often spits unusual food on himself and his mother.It will take time before the spoon stops to fall out of the tiny knobs.Bib protects only the front part of the shirt, but the sleeves, hem and your own clothes can be seriously affected.Therefore it is better to change clothes before feeding into something that is not a pity to stain.

scold or curse?

When the kid put a stain on an expensive new clothes, really want to give him a great dressing.But is it right - blame for soiled clothes?Psychologists claim that the child's life there are times when it just can not be Neat.Before "conquest" of the pot is senseless to demand from the baby cleanliness (it can instill then, but not aggressive methods).Yes, laundry for mom - not the most exciting experience.But worries about the cleanliness should be remembered that the child is still more important than its perfect appearance.No matter how many new jeans cost for a two-year toddler, he did not mean to fall in them right in the middle of the mud puddles.The next time for a walk, wear something simpler.

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