What to do after the baby is born?

And no wonder that nine out of ten new mothers feel "grader" that everything that is connected with a newborn baby, a very, very interesting, but ... no joke rolls from the excitement of novelty. According to psychologists - and howthey do not believe it! - so excited at first, even useful. It turns out that concern for the baby is much faster launches maternal instinct, thus helping the mother to better understand their crumbs and successfully master the intricacies of caring for them. Another thing, if the excitement and helplessness dominate otherfeelings of mothers and leave no room for the enjoyment of its new status. Sound familiar? Do not worry - as practice shows, this condition can be dealt with under two conditions. The first - armed with useful information, and the second - to try to perform well, "her mother's work."Key tips - before you, and to work, cute mommy, you're sure to cope!What to do after the baby is born - read the article.

Sleeping baby

young mothers usually are primarily i

nterested in how much sleep a child needs.I have to say that the baby is nothing and no one should.But seriously, it is already formed in utero his regime, partly due to the way of life of the mother.And if pipsqueak "aktivnichal" rarely means and after a great world it would be sweet to sleep up to 20 hours a day, take short breaks for breastfeeding and bathing. The kid with the more active "past" sleep will leave less time- up to 15-16 hours.By the second or third month of almost all kids are sleeping already 3-4 times a day for 1.5-2 hours, and then move on to day two of sleep (at 1.5-3 hours) - before and after lunch.Where to lay crumbs to sleep - in a crib with removable side panel, in a wheelchair, in the parent's bed - you decide.Of course, with an eye to the fact that co-sleeping is much more convenient - it will feed your baby at night in a dream, only slightly up on his elbows.Do not be afraid to hurt crumbs: nature is so constituted that his mother wakes up, even in response to changes in the child's breathing or grunting barely audible (unless, of course, it does not take sleeping pills or alcohol).


kid-babies (if it has healed umbilical wound) only one "full immersion" in the baby bath. It is not forbidden to bathe the little "frogman" in a large tub (it is necessary to wash and rinse carefully), simultaneouslymastering the basics with crumbs grudnichkovogo swimming.Yet in the first week to better organize adaptive swimming in the bath, wrapping a baby in a diaper.Do not forget that during the first month of children recommended to bathe in boiling water of 37 ° C.The temperature of the water is measured waterproof thermometer or elbow technique (when touching the elbow of water, you hardly feel it - hence, the optimum temperature).You can add a little water in a pink solution of potassium permanganate (dilute it in the cup, making sure there was not a speck that is in contact with the baby's skin can cause burns) or chamomile pharmacy ostuzhennoy solution (1 teaspoon per 250 ml of water).Children soap (without fragrances) and shampoo "without tears" wash the crumbs are not more than once a week.


After each campaign crumbs "in the large" (there may be up to 5-6 a day or more)to wash the baby under running warm water.Hold the baby in one hand, hold it close to the water, a second hand channel water into the bottom of the children's tummy, moving from front to rear - that is, from the genitals to the anus to avoid getting infections.After the ritual pat children's buttocks with a towel and arrange child 5-10-minute air bath.And before you put on a disposable diaper, brush his ass baby cream.Curiously, grudnichki "stain" is a diaper while breastfeeding, while satiated with milk, sweet sleep. What to do? Do not wake - hover clean immediately after waking the baby, before the application of it to his chest.

Processing umbilical wound

This procedure "prescribed" twice a day - morning and evening swim.With a cotton swab or pipette, drip 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide on the umbilical wound.A cotton swab to remove the dried crusts.Then remove residual moisture clean stick (or a piece of cotton wool), after - treat the wound green paint, lubricating as the wound itself and the area around the navel.The umbilicus usually heals in 2-3 weeks, but if the wound appeared inflammation or purulent discharge, hurry to the local doctor.

morning toilet

session of purity is carried out every day, so it is desirable to collect the "tools" - cotton swabs and cotton pads, napkins, eyedropper, hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka, a tube of baby cream and sterilized jar with a vegetable oil - in a separate boxor on a tray. Eyes wash water wet cotton pad in the direction from the inner corner to the outer. Then wipe the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Ears cleaned with a damp cotton pad. Treat the area behind the ears and out without affecting the ear canal. The spout clean whenthere is a good reason: the large "shrimp" prevents crumbs and breathe normally applied to the chest.But even for this reason you should not pick your nose baby cotton swab - can easily injure the delicate mucous.Suffice it to drip into the nose of 2-3 drops of saline solution, and then lay down crumb tummy - the crust does not slow down "to evacuate." Mouth, wipe with a damp cotton swab to remove dried-milk.


key point for every mom, thoughit requires only a correct algorithm in the beginning of your "milk stories":

♦ clasp her breast with his hand so that the four fingers were placed at the bottom and a big - top chest;

♦ priplyusnite chest in the areola and nipple, tap or spout nasolabial triangle crumbs;

♦ when the baby will open wide the mouth, it is necessary to move up very close to the chest, not the other way around:

♦ insert the nipple and areola in the lower part of the baby's mouth so that the nipple is in the region of the soft palate.The lower sponge crumbs inside-out, and the tongue is lowered and covers the nipple from below;

♦ during feeding hear pipsqueak swallows milk (it should not be a sound smacking of lips or tongue clicks).


Contrary to popular wisdom, babies do not need a "fresh air" and a large amount of oxygen. Moreover grudnichki not sleep when they lay out in the open, they like to nose around there was no movement of air. As soon as the baby is studded nose in a diaper or a mother's breast, is sleeping well and long. It follows that in the first couple of weeks you can without the slightest twinge of conscience to choose - to walk with crumbs in good weather on the street / balcony for 5-10 minutes (while the baby is better to keep on hand or in a sling), or put him to sleep in a ventilated room. A few weeks later, when the baby is a little older and stronger, it is not forbidden to walk him twice a day for 30-60 minutes (unless, of course, the weather is windlessand the air temperature is not lower than -10 ° C). Yet colic can be avoided. In order to keep this baby at the breast should be at least 20-30 minutes to pipsqueak mastered serving "back" milk.After all, if the crumb will be at the breast for long, it will be filled with only the sweet "front" milk, which is just to provoke cramps. Spasms of the intestine and causes tension toddler who is concerned. The conclusion is put to the breast properly, let your child thoroughly nakushatsya, often wearing a crumb on his hands and treats tenderness - soft cooing, gentle strokes and, of course, the sweetest kisses.

Outwardly looks good attachment so that the baby's nose and chin rests in the mother's breast. So it smells better mother feels it allhis face, which acts on the crumbs calming and allows quietly enjoy your meal. Do not worry that your child will have nothing to breathe, and keep the "dimple" finger beside his nose.This innocent action can result in a blockage of milk ducts, in addition, the child "move out" at the end of the nipple and it will hurt. The wise nature has taken care of that tight nostrils baby will not choke him. So naturally, that at correct captureMom does not have to feel the pain. If there is discomfort, take the breast without damaging the nipple. To do this, gently insert the tip of the little finger (pad up) in the area rotika crumbs and gently unclench his Desenko. Then attach the baby again, trying to follow the rules of good attachment.