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Proper diet for weight loss

Review diet

The average number of calories that a person consumes daily, distributed as follows: 40% - fat - 15% protein, 45% - carbohydrates, they are used in the form of sodas, pastries, jams and delayedin the form of fat.In our diet fruits and vegetables play a secondary role, although just they are a source of minerals and vitamins that the body needs.Water - a healthy beverage for the body, which displaces sweet and alcoholic beverages.And to lose weight, get rid of various harmful eating habits.

eat properly, it means to eat a balanced way.The share of fats in the diet should account for 15%, the share of protein - 20% and 50% of the calories of carbohydrates per share.

need to choose foods that are important and necessary for the body.Preference should be given to potatoes, pasta, dry vegetables, grains, these products provide the energy flow in the body.Preferably, the treatment methods are those that employ a minimum fat jacket potatoes better than French fries.Sugary foods in the diet sh

ould take a very modest place.Dry cereals and vegetables (peas and so on) do not contain fat, but contain vegetable proteins.

Fruits and Vegetables

with each meal eat fruit and vegetables.The more varied will be a table of fruits and vegetables, the more you get of plant fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary to the body to function normally.


They are a source of calcium.They contain some vitamins and proteins.Prefer low fat cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.Avoid eating hard cheeses with a high content of fat.


It is the most useful animal product.It contains the same amounts of protein as meat.Fish provides the body with zinc, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids omega-3, they protect cells.The fish must have at least 3 times a week.

eggs, sausages and meat

eat these products with caution.Although they supply our body with iron and protein, but represent a source of hidden fats.Therefore, nutritionists recommend including them in the diet is not more than three times a week.


At the last place in this list are fats.And what they were origin - plant or animal, they have a common drawback, they are composed of lipids.Our body needs 60 grams of fat a day, but most of the fats we consume in a latent form, t. E. With confectionery, cheese, sausages, meat.It is enough to Day 2 of Art.tablespoons of vegetable oil and 10 grams of butter, if you are not going to exceed the norm.Simply follow these tips and avoid the risk of products.


not easy to lose weight 10 kg, both at 3 kg.So before you start the fight against excess weight, be patient.There are many diets that offer up to 2 weeks to lose weight.It's real, but at the cost of incredible hardship and effort which will lead to severe stress.As a result, after a few weeks the same dumped kgs come back again.

useless to try to lose weight by more than one kilogram a week.That the body used to the new diet, nutritionists suggest losing weight all of a pound a week.If you need to lose more than ten kilograms, should not deceive ourselves, the case for months.And if you follow dietary rules and take care of your health, you can lose weight.There is a strong sense of hunger, but there are natural remedies that will act on appetite and do not violate a balanced diet.

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