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Concentrated apple juice

How is juice

concentrated juice of apples produced by direct extraction of raw materials.The resulting juice is sent to a centrifuge where it is cleaned of sediment, and then heated and sent to a special installation.There occurs capture aromatics, which are then packaged in a concentrated form in the container.At this stage, water is evaporated to 15% of the total.The remaining liquid feedstock without aromatic components is directed to the clarification step pectolytic enzymes with gelatin for 4 hours, and then passed through a plate and kieselguhr filters arranged one behind the other.The result is a clear, clarified juice, which is then "evaporated" in thin film "steam rooms" to a solids content of 70%.

Quite often before the procedure capture aromatics freshly juice is heated to 92-96 ° C and immediately cooled to 40 ° C.Thus there is a coagulation of colloidal particles and cleansing juice from different microorganisms.

chemical composition of juices

Apple juice in concentrated form is v

ery interesting chemical composition.It contains 60 to 80% of the total amino-nitrogen content of total nitrogen.Furthermore, the concentrate comprises the amino acids valine, leucine, threonine, aminobutyric acid, lysine, arginine, aspartic acid, serine, asnaragin, glutamic acid, phenyl alanine, alanine, tyrosine.It also contains a large number of monosaccharides that are under the influence of high temperature and low pH dissolve into components to form a 5-gidrooksimetilfurfurola.

Classification juice

Any concentrates, including concentrated apple, have their own classification, which depends on the drinks, which were later to be made of them:

  1. Semis.They are used for the preparation of apple juice 100% by adding water.
  2. Basics.This type of concentrate is used to make a variety of drinks and nectars.
  3. concentrates, past the intermediate processing factory.It is believed that such concentrates contain 100% of apples.But in reality it is not.It was in such a concentrated apple raw materials often add sugar and other fruit concentrates or flavorings, flavorings.This category concentrates tugged not frozen and pre-packaging in aseptic packaging.
  4. Net apple concentrate with 100% content of the main component.They are made from high quality apples in their places of cultivation.In this case, these concentrates are often subject to freezing.

use and appearance

Apple concentrate looks like a very thick syrup consistency in color corresponding to the color of apples.If the juice contains pulp or it was subjected to freezing, the appearance it resembles a soft ice cream.It should be noted that in the frozen concentrate in any case be of ice crystals.

concentrated apple juice has a wide scope of use.Because it is produced nectars, juices and reconstituted fruit juice drinks.Furthermore, the concentrate was used to prepare various jellies all kinds of fillings.Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that in the pure apple concentrate in any case can not be eaten.

We hope our article ceases to be useful to you and you are going to shop for your favorite apple juice or nectar, will know that you have to buy to get the most useful for the organism.

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