The program is beautifully decorated baby pictures

Choose a design baby pictures

To begin, decide what you want.Maybe a page A4 with neatly arranged photos?Use single beautiful photo with your baby for the desktop to the height of the day, it reminds you of home, of the man, who loves you?

Existing beautiful design make the baby pictures as simple and intuitive.In some cases, a single click to a finished picture, you can add an interesting frame.And the other - to make a story with your child.

For programs are no barriers.And if a child is never greeted Winnie the Pooh or flown on a balloon, the program will make a beautiful decoration of your favorite baby pictures possible.

In the first case you will not need any special knowledge.And if you want to make a collage of photos in the photo, or to admire the beauty of the Little Mermaid your little princess - will have to learn the basics of Photoshop.


Making children's picture frame is easier than creating "unprecedented" plot.Find a frame of your choice, download it opens in Pho

toshop.Open the photo file of the child and impose dragging her favorite framed.Save and go to the salon to print the photo.So, thanks to a special program for children beautiful pictures can make out the most, and create albums for every six months or year of your baby - enough patience!

And if in your town service at a decent level, you can offer photo printing without leaving the house, and then deliver them.It is very convenient for the mother, because of her movement limited by the need to constantly be with the child.However, as easy to get a photo, if Photo shop is in the house next door.


Complicated subjects are almost the same.Just have a little brush up on photoshop.Open a photo and a "plot."Usually in such cases the pictures provided certain place.If it is rectangular tool "Crop" carve a large frame - portrait of a child, and put on the bottom layer, a sketch of the finished story.

If provided another option - take up a brush, to create a layer mask pictures, and her black or white brush or "prune" and add that nothing was removed.We work only on the layer "Mask" in this case can be awkward cropped quickly return!

The result - your child running around the meadow with your favorite Toon, "flies" in the clouds on a plane, or (if cropped and inserted into the plot only the face) - dressed like a musketeer!Is not it miracles?So, by the way, the easiest way to surprise and please a photo kid distant relatives.

work together!

If you have any problems with the development of these two actions in Photoshop - download tutorial (better video) to create collages, when one object is "cut out" and inserted into another picture.It is interesting and fun - for exercise can take a photo of the aircraft, and "attach" to him a ladder, or even a few funny scenes.

Show your child how it turns out.Suppose that it is connected to this funny game.Ask him on what background and what the characters he wanted to get his photo.

Believe me, this activity can bring a lot of pleasant moments.

Women natural painstaking allow very carefully to work with programs for the beautiful design of children's photographs, tools, and an innate sense of beauty - to create true masterpieces.

We make photo

After the photos printed, they can be placed in an ordinary album for the photo.But if you want something special - take this album, which is placed on a page at least two photos.And on the cover of this biography also flaunts baby let it!

Inside the album - all the possibilities for creativity.Attach photos at an angle (try to turn the corner on one photo spread was the same, it will add the neatness).You can sign a photo, or to put a number of "fingerprint" the hands of the baby.His first scribbles, drawings, words written in his hand - all worthy of imprinting.And this masterpiece of joint creativity child at an older age will review more than once to give a real pleasure.Or even preserve for future generations.

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