Issues related to the second child in the family

Fortunately, preparing for the birth of a second child can bring as much satisfaction as your first pregnancy.Of course, if your older child understand what you all expect - it will reduce anxiety for both of you.It's good to be aware of changes associated with the appearance of a second child and to fully enjoy this happy occasion.

What will change?

second child in the family, the general care of the two kids can be challenging.Undoubtedly, all the people around you have to take a more active role in taking care of children.And your own schedule will vary considerably, depending on the needs and behavior of younger and older children.You may encounter problems as child care older during pregnancy requires more energy.After the birth of the first baby of 6-8 weeks may be particularly difficult to care for the older child and the various emotions associated with it.

One positive development is that the second child will make you feel more confident in their abilities, knowledge and experience.What s

eemed difficult from the first child - breast-feeding, changing diapers, or treatment of diseases - the second will be done easily, as a hobby.

as the birth of the second child will affect you?

you will be affected, both physically and emotionally.The increase in fatigue and anxiety - is quite normal after the appearance of a second child.Of course, you may feel tired, especially if you have had a difficult delivery or Caesarean section.If you work outside the home, you may feel insecure, worried for his career.Decide: Is it important for you to come back at this time to work, or not.

Do not be surprised if you feel concern for your second child.Still, many parents often say they feel alienated, when a second child.You will notice that the time for you, or is significantly reduced or even absent the first few months after childbirth.Sleepless nights and everyday tensions will in large numbers, so if you have time for yourself - this is a huge priority.You will notice that spend less time with your partner, which is not surprising.

Possible problems with the first child

your first child falls into the range of emotions such as jealousy, excitement and even resentment.Older children can verbally express their feelings and their behavior, which can not yet make a newborn.Oldest child can suddenly start to suck his thumb, drink from a bottle or talk like a little kid, to get your attention.It is more strongly expresses his feelings, refuses to eat, there are frequent outbreaks of anger and bad behavior.These problems tend to pass.Cooperative play between the older and younger is the best option at this stage, it plays a huge role in family relationships, so do not leave the problem on the shoulders of an older child.Too much attention to the kid, buying new furniture, clothes or toys will make your older child feel undervalued.

Tips to resolve the situation

This is a list of tips to help you better cope with the responsibilities and obligations associated with the second child in the family.Here are some things you can do before the baby is born:

- Look for places that offer meals at home or prepare a double batch of your favorite household dishes and freeze them.It is unlikely that after the birth of a baby in the family, you'll be able to do housework - cooking;

- Reorganize home laundry.Prepare separate baskets for each family member, because with the advent of another child in the house you will be added wash;

- You can use the services of a nanny, so she could help you in the first weeks after the birth of her second child.Sometimes it is necessary, if there are no close relatives who could help;

- Do not forget about yourself!Pamper yourself with a new haircut, a bath with candles or music - it helps you to relax.You deserve a few pleasant minutes alone with him.

After you and other family members will get used to the idea of ​​the birth of the second child, you will enjoy the positive aspects of his extended family.Concerns about child gradually recede into the background, and life will sparkle with new colors.