My dear man, my dear dad

today a good day.Spring.So warm and pleasant.Dad is my handle, we walk through the park.There are so many people.There are the same as me, little girls, and we all certainly have their dad, but that's just my best, my favorite, I just love it - my dear man, nice dad.I loved it because it I also very much loved ... although I am sometimes so that she does not like me.We went to the tree and bush, chasing cat there, here.I was so pleased with cat tails, I can not deny myself the pleasure of their pull.I also saw one place where a lot of birds, many.Sometimes they get off in one big pile and Gulden each other, running on the ground.There's a good grandmother, who always feeds them.We have a long walk so ... .. I'm tired and I want to eat, can we go home?On the way home I imagine the delicious porridge with banana that Dad always prepares me for lunch.He will feed me, and then we will be with him to play different games.I love it when daddy plays with me on the train, he takes me on his shoulders, and we h

ad a fun ride around the house from room to room.What today my dad little force, probably, I do not eat, and our mother was not listening.As it turns smoothly, "I ate, listened to."Well, for my beloved man, I'm ready to try, that's even open to the talents of the poet.Once such a thing, and my dear dad want to relax, maybe I'll sleep a little bit, and then walk, a delicious lunch, very tired I am.

I woke up in the evening.Standing, I prikriknu little to my dear daddy rode, and then drink hunting.Come on!Where is my compote!I was standing.There is none.Well, I'll make it right now.And when I wanted to rebel, as immediately opened the door to my room (even before it was a room mom and dad, but times have changed and now it is mine).Dad came !!!How I love him all the same.In the evenings we watch cartoons with my dad is different, I have it, and of course a large adult, but imagine a big man can also watch cartoons for very young girls.But as they say, parents do not choose, I will somehow svyknites with this, because I love it.He's so cute!Oh something my tired eyes, and look to themselves closed, time for me to have a sleep seriously.So, what, I forgot.ABOUT!Remembered!I have to take a bath.Mama!!!Mom redeems me with a pleasant soap smells good, but that's what it smells like, I still do not know, because it is small, and mom and dad are not recognized.Typically, after the bath follows a delicious dinner and a warm bed.Papa I will, lay, kiss, and I fall asleep instantly.Joke!Quickly fill - it's not for me to start, I'll act up, as it should be girls.I will be capricious and Dad certainly come to me.He will come, and I play with him a little bit.And if he is angry with me because I did not fall asleep, I should just smile or giggle, and Daddy will be silk.For me leave the last of his strength, but still I will fight sleep like a hero.I will, I will ... I will ...

Today not a good day, because my mom and dad shouting at each other.From this and I sadly, and so most want to scream.Well, we adjusted, and now I cry.I wonder how much longer they would not notice my distress.And why did they break each other, because like all good, we have such a wonderful friendly and strong family.I can not understand them.Is it possible that I've grown up, too, will behave this way?

When they finally calmed down, the first Pope came and started lohmatit my hair.Frankly, I do not like it when he does, but if it is soothing.Yes, let alone makes.Then he took me in his arms and carries into the room and on the way something lisp.I still can not understand, little kids and all that.But we have little kids, not little goosey.Put me on a chair with these pesky straps that bind the movement, he sits at the table and do their own thing.As I do not like this chair and these nasty straps.It is better to let me run.Dad!Dad!Zero attention.Okay, I'll sit quietly, and now will be put back to bed and be completely alone, as well as any kind of company.However, she and her mother are grim, that probably better in a crib than to look at their acidic mine.

Dull day turned out to be, I tell you.No games, no space, so only high chair cot.I do not like when mom and dad fighting.Sometimes, when my mother very busy, we could with my dad all day long lie on the big bed.Well, actually I lay only one.I crawled back, here, on the road trying to grab as many toys.I also like to deal with my father's hand.Yes, of course, until I have a little chance, but we have to show who is the mistress of the future.

Tonight arrive grandmother.That would be something fun.We will play the grandmother Okay, fun clapping, walk everywhere, touching different interesting little things.I love my grandmother, father and mother certainly more - because they are always there.I remember once went to visit my grandmother, it's so beautiful.It seems to be, and the air smells different.But for a long time I had no daddy's attention can not.And a couple of days I get very bored.I though my grandmother listened, but when there is not a long time father and mother, I'm starting to act up.When I come back home, the first concern for parents with a chill, well, so much for the future not to relax here without me.But under pressure from the father's mother's smiles and affection for a long time seriously pobudesh.Do you know why?Because I love them!