Care of the neck: the rapid recovery


every morning and every evening, but regular.You can and should use a melee weapon, you have a shower: just in time, completing water treatment directs a strong jet to cool the neck from different angles.After a session of hydromassage Pumps nourishing cream, massaging the neck with his hands in the direction from the bottom up, from the collarbone to the chin.Also in the arsenal of the necessary daily activities are included time-tested procedures.

soak in the "disguise" at least a month!

Olive: in a tablespoon of olive oil add a few drops of lemon juice and heated in a water bath.Apply the mixture to clean skin of the neck and décolleté and leave for 15-20 minutes, blot with a tissue residues.The oil softens the skin and relieve dryness, vitamin C give elasticity.Paraffin: Paraffin heating at steam bath n. Doing the temperature of the sample (on the back of the hand) with a brush to apply a skin layer completely dry to 2 cm without encountering thyroid.As the cooling wax gently remove

the mask with a spatula.This mask is recommended to impose no more than 2-3 times a week general course 10-15 masks.In the presence of endocrine diseases paraffin treatments - a taboo.Yeast: Roll out the dough strip and wrap her neck, leave for 15-20 minutes, then wipe the skin with lemon juice, diluted with water (1: 3) -From parsley: 4 tablespoons.tablespoons chopped parsley zaley glass of hot milk.Wet the cloth in the mixture, is applied to the neck, leave for 15-20 minutes.After this mask neck skin is not washed - let soak residues and dry, then apply a nourishing cream.

Washing broths and massage fitoldom

It would be nice to always have a special "beautiful" broth.What herbs from our youth and beauty at the same time, it is known for a long time.Do not be lazy and "conjure" Statement decoctions of chamomile, mint, lime blossom, sage, birch buds.You can wash them after neck "disguise", as well as cook cubes fitolda morning and "ginger" his neck, avoiding the area of ​​the thyroid gland.The alternation of high and low temperatures will stay young long neck and tightened.Avoid too high temperatures, it's better to compress the towel will be very warm, rather than hot.And remember that this is a "very warm" keep on the neck for 1-2 minutes, and the "cold" - 3-4 seconds (ending the procedure on a cold note).And after you can compress "slapped on the neck with the same towel (sachu pats healing has not been canceled!) - From a helpful aggression from the second chin will be over.Especially if the instrument for pre-pat moisten in water with dissolved sea salt.

not demolish your head

Healthy arrogance neck on hand (as paradoxical as it may sound): Only people with head held high to provide proper neck strain, thereby prolonging her youth and beauty.So head up and ... Charging is on!

1.Povoroty head side to side 10 times (by slow, techami do not move), and then back and forth.

2.Ruki scratches on the spigot and tilt your head back, overcoming the resistance of hands

3.Upris hands to the chin and lowered his head against the resistance.

4.Vysovyvay language in different directions (like unto a snake) and try to get them to the tip of his nose.


1.Zevay often and with pleasure or sing from the heart - the A-Y-O-O-O.

2.Karandash teeth and write in the air your distmenyu today!3. Under

end forbid any chance of a double chin: N1gzhney 1uboy Cover the top and the most Reject head back in a position to awaken at least 10 seconds, then return to starting position and relax muscles.Repeat all over again at least 5 times.

Heavy artillery

If your neck with his bare hands did not take, will have to take her hands beautician - armed ... Ultrasonic massage (phono-phoresis) - a technique that combines ultrasound and introduction of cosmetics applied to the face, neck and décolleté.Thus ultrasound increases the activity of cosmetic products, prolongs their action and reduced side effects.Vacuum dermomobilizatsiya - the combined effect of vacuum and roller massage.As a result, it improves microcirculation and muscle tone, normal lymphatic flow, increases the metabolic rate, and along with your immune system.


Microcurrent therapy without pain and discomfort rid of unsightly wrinkles, wrinkles, increase skin tone and muscle, will return firmness and elasticity.Work device is built on the biological impulses (biocurrents), masterfully "replicate the physiological processes of the human body, aimed at rejuvenating the cells.Mikroigloterapiya or skin needling, won the United States, Britain and Europe like yoga.Do not worry, no sadomasochism a la "yogic" rug with nails.Dermaroller ™, though bristling with needles, do not damage the skin.However, in response to the "Yezhov" attacks are beginning to produce collagen and elastin - two of the basic building material for skin that looks younger before our eyes.