Spices: useful properties

Star anise

He also star anise - anise dried fruit tree.Its oil (anethole) is credited with antiviral properties.Add "star" for the flavor to tea, gravy, soups, marinades.They will be sweeter.Hammer sodium meat.


Petioles gorchat more hats, so the minimum portions are appropriate in marinades and meat dishes.Hats reveal themselves in sweets.All of them put just until tender.Choose cloves, oily to the touch.It will have an antiseptic effect.Remember, searing spice vinegar does not recognize.


The severity is directly dependent on the richness of anti-cancer capsaicin.The most "fiery" in Chile - the internal records and seeds.If you do not want to burn the mucous (with gloves), use only the flesh.If you have problems with digestion, and it exclusively.


His sweetish seeds freshen breath and remove heaviness in the stomach.Try it with olive oil, honey and mustard in a salad dressing.

Cinnamon Sticks

dried bark is added to the baking dish and fruit, cereal, chocola

te shortly before the end of cooking.Antioxidants found in it, stabilize blood sugar levels.

Black pepper

improves the absorption of selenium, vitamins A and Group B.

paprika (red pepper)

Share with vitamins A and C. Its sweet taste combined with any meal in which there are tomatoes or cabbage.Choose a bright red paprika.


He is rude and not devoid of sharpness.But among the leading spices iron content.Hammer wallow fish or lamb before cooking.Whole grains add to the water when cooking roots.


has incorporated the notes of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.Suitable for meat, and the pastry (ground).Counteracts glycation - "gluing" of collagen fibers with glucose.Thereby preventing drying of the skin.


Picante.Relieves inflammation (in Vol. H. The delayed onset muscle soreness), nausea.If you mix with honey and warm up to get the glaze carrots and other root crops.

Vanilla Pods buy oily to the touch.The best of them are covered with a white coating of the active ingredient - vanillin.And that kills cancer cells.To counteract the bitterness spices, it is mixed with sugar.One piece is good in marinades.


The sweet, citrus aroma, suitable for fruits, oatmeal, flour and confectionery products.Its essential oils have a bioactive component, which reduce inflammation by reducing asthmatic symptoms.It is better to buy it in the pod itself to grind seeds.


Whole seeds attach notes of lemon chicken stew, ground - Fruits in the test.Ennoble the taste of bread, pastries, cheese and meat dishes, sauces and soups.


its ingredients - myristicin - helps the human body to fight infection.The spice is considered secret ingredient meat balls, cream soups, rice dishes, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, fruit.


Five minutes until cooked Put a pinch of bitter spices in chicken broth to shellfish or white fish.When kneading add to baking.Saffron stain them yellow.Buy soft to the touch stigmas dark red and brown red (not yellow!) Tones.


Dry root of a tropical plant food added sparingly.Basically where rice and egg.It blends well with all spices.

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