The hottest short hairstyles for women

Initially, it was called simply bobbed (from Eng. - Close-cropped) and gradually got accustomed to our ears short name "Bob".So where did he come from?There are at least two versions of its origin.On one of them, was the inventor Bob Anthony Serplikovsky, better known as Mr. Antoine.After leaving his native Poland, where he learned the basics of hairdressing from his uncle, Antoine decides to seek fame in Paris.And it is even possible to him!In 1909 he decisively shortens the length of hair 40-year-old Eva La Valliere, to give a more youthful appearance actress needed to implement the scene of images of young heroines.It is believed that this prompted the idea of ​​its shape.

Kare: classics of the genre

Hairdressers say that most women opt for a penalty.Let's try to figure out why this hairstyle from year to year and even decade to decade remains at the top of popularity, despite any changes in fashion trends.According to one legend, the first to make a hairstyle bob, was the ancient Egyptian que

en Cleopatra.Her luxurious black curls smooth wave falling on the shoulders, and long before the eye, gave fringe look magical expressiveness and appeal.However, historians say that in fact, Cleopatra was quite ugly even by the ancient Egyptian canons, well, all the familiar Egyptian frescoes show that the quads were not only the reigning persons, but also the common people, both women and men.We can confidently assert the following: hair Egyptians invented it.Egyptian penalty was simple - hair shave for a smooth line just below the ear, and cut out a thick straight bangs.Approximately from that distant time penalty and was perhaps the hair number one worldwide.It is no exaggeration to call the ancestor of most famous fashion haircuts, including Bob.Besides that, based on quads are many variations, and it is popular in the classical performance.

What is bob?

There are three main kinds: short, long and classic.The difference is that in a short bob his head more open - respectively in a long neck is closed completely.The classic bob is the "golden mean."In general, the length of the shearing ranges from very short bob "on the leg" when the hair is attached to the back of the volume, before the long square, where the ends of the curls on the shoulders.In addition, there is a graded penalty, which is performed based on the classic version, after which the hair combed up and aligned.This hairstyle is a more volume by step form.Four of a Kind in the form of a ball - another kind of haircut.Its business as usual penalty, but external locks processed thinning shears.Asymmetrical bob created by the loops of various lengths.The classic bob is involved straight bangs, although it is now increasingly used slanting, asymmetrical and jagged bangs.The length of the bangs can be any.

About stowage

Laying a penalty depending on the length of hair and hairstyles configuration might look like and how easily beating his hand, and how simple styling using a comb or brush, and how serious work with a hairdryer and brushing with different styling tools.If mowing is made qualitatively, as a rule, it does not need a complicated installation.But, of course, putting in order of graded or asymmetrical bob will take more time and effort than in the case of smooth.Most often, when laying stylists-hairdressers recommend that women use foam that should be applied to wet hair and carefully combed, and then to dry curls framing a hairdryer nozzle.The forehead strands may be dried, winding on the brush and brushing back upwards, after which it is desirable to fix the hairstyle varnish (with a distance of 30 cm).Casual styling may consist only in the application of a spray for shine and wax to accentuate the bangs.If you do not have time for laying a long bob, try a beautiful accessory to collect the hair with the help of a bright headscarf in a ponytail.And if the length hairstyle allows, you can comb the curls back, forming a kind of on the back of the head beam and leaving the front two romantic curly tresses.Without varnish in this case can not do.Even the most ordinary or bright invisible hairpin, lock picks from a person liven up any kind of always fashionable haircuts.

What do you fit?

Rack combines the convenience of a short hairstyle and benefits that have long hair.Let's see what kind of style is good for you.

1) Short quads - on the leg comes to young women resistant features. to the chin perfectly girls with a triangular face shape.About sobenno decorate chubby women with large features.

2) Asymmetric - fit a wide rectangular face with a heavy jaw.Stepped strands can close cheekbones.

3) elongated squares - just below the chin goes to owners of an elongated face with a high forehead.Professionals advise to add a thick flat bang.

haircut dictates style!

Basically, quads - hairstyle quite democratic and good get along with almost all the trendy styles.Still, there are a couple of nuances.Classic straight bob perfectly with the clothing business: trouser and skirt suits, blouses with strict collars jumper with V-neck.Mowing with elongated strands - the best choice for girls who prefer clothes in avant-garde style: bold cuts, unusual colors, asymmetrical lines and original decoration.Rack with a light wave, a little carelessly stacked, fit and comfortable to fans denim knitted garments.Elastic curls require, of course, romantic attire: fluffy skirt-blouse with flying sleeved chiffon scarf or silk scarves.Remember that hair and clothing must balance each other.For example, bulkier than the bottom of the dress, the more magnificent to be stacked haircut.But with a little black dress looks better smooth square.

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