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How can you fall asleep quickly, using folk remedies

concept and the reasons

Let's first define the term "insomnia" and its symptoms.Under insomnia sleep disorder refers, expressed in the difficulty falling asleep.The most common cause of this phenomenon is the constant social and psychological burden of man.Another important reason - violation of the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness such as shift work, when this violation conditions require an operating schedule.Often such disorders affect teens, the reason - a long sitting in front of a computer monitor at night, in the end, their rhythm of sleep and wakefulness is disturbed: the whole night in front of a computer, morning sleep until lunch or even a day without sleep, if in the morning to go to school.This applies not only teenagers but many adults, that becomes a habit.Urban noise 'pollution', excessive use of alcohol, fatty foods, also lead to a lack of sleep.

What are the different methods of self-medication in this case?

The easiest and most common way to be able to fall asleep quickly -

is the use of hypnotic drugs.But they themselves will not eliminate the cause of the problem and only make sleep harder for a certain period of time.Harmful side effect of these drugs have to develop the body getting used to them when they cease to provide the usual soporific effect on him.As a result, all required a large dose of sleeping pills, which can lead to poisoning and urgent hospitalization to save his life!Also, hypnotics and sedatives medications contribute to disruption of certain phases of sleep cortex.That is why these methods treat insomnia only hide the problem for some time, but did not help to resolve it.You can use them in extreme cases and for a limited time.


first simple rules of treatment of insomnia: do not eat large amounts of food, as well as fat and meat (as is known, the meat has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system), as well as stimulating beverages such as coffee, strongtea, Coca-call and others.We should not, in general, to drink a lot of fluids the night.The body has to work a lot, especially the kidneys to process it, which leads to frequent urge to urinate and there is no place to sleep.If you regularly drink any medication in the evening, carefully read the part in the summary or ask your doctor: if these do not contain caffeine pills, or other irritants.

Teach your body to go to sleep at the same time, then it will be easier to give in to a scheduled command "sleep."Before going to bed you can watch TV: transmit movies or entertainment genre or something nice for the soul.Avoid late night viewing of horror films, thrillers, fighters and all that shocking and excites your nervous system.Instead, read a nice book before going to bed, get yoga, relaxing breathing exercises, listen to the harmonious music for relaxation.The sounds of nature, such as the sound of rain, the rustling of leaves, the surf just fit.Also nice warm bath before bed, perhaps with foam or oils containing pleasant scents that promote relaxation.Evening walk in the fresh air also contribute to fatigue, which will add you a chance to quickly fall asleep.

mattress on the bed must be sufficiently elastic to adapt to body movements, linen made from natural fibers that absorb moisture best.The most suitable posture for sleep - on the back, arms stretched along the body.It is not recommended to sleep on your left side, since there is compression of the heart.Also not unimportant ventilate the room before going to sleep in a stuffy room a little oxygen, which interferes with the quiet breathing uniform, and hence the bed.Breathe deeply and slowly is necessary, it relaxes and adjusts to rest.As recommended in the eastern Ayurvedic medicine, it is useful to establish the sleep breathing through the left nostril is breathing adjusts to rest.And through the right, on the contrary - to wakefulness.

Folk remedies

One of the simplest and most accessible means of a glass of warm milk with honey before going to sleep, there is still a psychological factor plays a role, that is to be believed, it will really help to sleep.Also good soothing herbal teas.In the first place stands, of course, well-known valerian root, then dried lavender flowers, lime tea, meadowsweet leaves, clover and other drug.

One of the oldest proven folk remedy for insomnia in almost all countries of the world of wine is recommended as a mild hypnotic.However, this recipe works for different people in different ways.Total Wine is capable of 30-50 g hasten the phase of falling asleep.Pregnant women folk remedy is contraindicated.

strong, healthy sleep at night promotes the use of slices of onion.

also sleep by using the following tools can be and with the help of lavender oil, long known for its soothing properties.Add it to a warm bath, rub them whiskey before going to bed or hang over the bed, a bag of dried flowers of lavender, juniper, lemon balm, mint, then a sound sleep is not long to wait.

main, understand the causes of their emotional stress, whether at home or at work.That anxiety and mental strain so keep us sweet sleep and see pleasant dreams.

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