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How to become a better lover for your boyfriend?

How to become a better lover for your boyfriend?There are several rules or methods that will help you become the best of the best and keep the novelty relationship for years to come.

Hardly anyone - that will argue that the passionate woman more chances to be desired than that which is "a log - log" in bed.In - the first woman in the stillness of the moments of passion it makes a man a sense of inferiority.They think that they are - do not do it, do not cause their partner due passion and desire to simply "move".So the first advice: the best lover - is the one that responds to the passion passion.In this case, "adding fuel to the fire" only ignite your senses and do not harm the process.

seksoterapevty not tire of repeating the whole world that the experiments in sex ignite the fire again and again and are advised not to limit yourself to a small as to try - something new.It should heed the advice of these wise doctors, especially if we are looking for a way how to be a better lover for her boyfriend.

The guy is deeply "moved" by your willingness to experiment, because not every woman is capable of the most intimate things that violate the boundaries of the usual traditions.Thus, the board of the second: Feel scientists - experimenters Explore all new faces immense world under the name of "love."

On the way to the highest point of pleasure, your man will be happy and extremely grateful if you "enter" his way.The fact is that each person unique and erogenous point to "map" of the body may be located slightly - differently.It often happens, when a man does not understand, like any woman what he was doing, so your passionate "Oh, yes, dear, here is good!"or "a little lower, my dear," or "Kiss me here" will help him navigate with the right "objects" that will ignite greater pleasure centers.Tip three: good lover perfectly uses tone of voice and the desired tone to send a lover in "on track."

should understand one thing: men - are absolute visuals.This means that they need to see his woman in all its glory, and sometimes in the light, not in the dark under a blanket besproglyadnoy.If you want to be the guy for the best lover, let him contemplate all the parts of my body personally.Slow strip (with elements of striptease), alternating exposure of the interesting places in a playful way - the type of all that made him dizzy.And when you stay in the "clothes Eve", then it will disappear any doubt that you - the best mistress, that when - ever had in his life.Now, the fourth council: do not hide your body and present themselves as - if you are a goddess and no less!

addition to the external manifestations of affection and passion, the best lover is able to work on your man and out.Perfectly stimulates sexual desire seafood dinner, sandwiches with caviar, can also be prepared cocktails with fresh fruit, meat with garlic sauce (it would be nice to have both), chocolate, mulled wine, a glass of high quality wine, food, where there are nuts.Tip five: a nice dinner - a classic prelude to sex, so do not give up in order to make your beautiful and romantic rendezvous.

Finally.Never to extort from her boyfriend, if he loves you.If you want the truth, it will be only if it is the man himself decides to say without prompting.And then you will understand without question, perfect whether you are a lover for her boyfriend.

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