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Useful properties of pumpkin oil

About pumpkin and pumpkin oil.

From the standpoint of historical positions, we can say with full confidence that squash is one of the oldest vegetables.Pumpkin is widely rasprostranenieesche in the III century BC.One of the first Avicenna discovered and began to use unusual and useful properties of pumpkin and many of its derivatives in medical research.And now remain diverse, relevant and current in the days of medical prescriptions folk remedies, are the basis for a variety of pumpkin products: seeds, pulp, juice, oil.

Even in ancient times, it was well known that the flesh of the pumpkin is almost forty percent consists of pumpkin oil.Useful properties of pumpkin oil, no less properties of the pulp of the pumpkin.Pumpkin oil produced from pumpkin seeds.This is truly a valuable and useful product for beauty and health.In European countries, in ancient times, a bottle of pumpkin oil, of 200 grams at a cost equal to the golden ring.And now, after so many centuries, pumpkin seed oil is one of expensi

ve oils of vegetable origin, second perhaps only to oil from pine cones.

What are the useful properties of pumpkin seed oil?

Useful properties.

  1. Pumpkin seed oil, especially of great value due to its remarkably balanced biochemical composition of nutrients and trace elements.A huge number of macro- and microelements, as well as easily digestible protein, which number more than fifty, all eloquently says.The composition of vitamins in pumpkin oil is so great that the transfer can take more than one page.
  2. pumpkin oil properties are in a very strong concentration and saturation of oil with polyunsaturated fats, is about eighty percent.That such a large complex belonging to the pumpkin seed oil polyunsaturated acids are very beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system of the person, normalizing and stabilizing it.
  3. Regular use of oil has a positive effect on the digestive, endocrine and nervous system of the body.
  4. Useful polyunsaturated fats significantly improve, accelerate and facilitate passing in the body metabolism.The natural way the body is cleansed by removing toxins.As a consequence of cleansing the body and strengthen the immune system occurs the body's defenses.
  5. The composition of pumpkin oil contains vitamin A, which is useful both for the skin and for the view and for the whole organism.The presence of vitamin A in the oil contributes substantially to improving or maintaining vision, especially during aging.As well as a positive effect on damaged skin, for example has a healing effect for injuries, erosions and ulcers of the skin and mucous membranes.
  6. The pumpkin oil contains vitamin E, which protects Vitamin A from destruction and oxidation.It is also known beneficial effect of these vitamins on the functioning of the male and female reproductive system and is essential for ensuring the reproductive function of the body.Therefore, in the treatment of infertility doctors recommend ingestion of pumpkin oil both partners.
  7. Pumpkin seed oil is also used in food for diseases such as fatty liver, cholecystitis, Biliary bile ducts, viral hepatitis and others.It is widely used in the treatment of the oil with alcohol liver disease.
  8. Natural pumpkin seed oil is often a part of the means of maintaining a complex organism in anticancer chemotherapy.
  9. pumpkin seed oil is used as an anti-inflammatory agent.Therefore, used in cosmetics and the treatment of rashes and inflammations on the skin folk remedies.And the ability to slow down the process of aging and the aging of skin, smooth out wrinkles, normalize skin color.
  10. pumpkin seed oil also helps to reduce the level of acidity in the stomach.Oil is used as a component of complex treatment of duodenal ulcers and stomach, gastritis, enterocolitis, gastroduodenitis.
  11. Along with pumpkin oil in the treatment of complex diseases of various organs, oil is used in the home as a purgative plant, as well as in the treatment of flatulence.
  12. Pumpkin seed oil is sufficiently well known as an antiparasitic agent.It is used in deriving the tape helminths, as well as for the subsequent disposal of intoxication.

Pumpkin seed oil - a truly amazing helpful and healing natural product, which will definitely help in dealing with various health problems you and your entire family.Add the oil in your first aid kit and be healthy!

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