How to choose a plastic surgery clinic

Having decided on plastic surgery, responsible approach to the choice of the clinic, which you entrust such a simple matter.Be sure to collect as much information about the clinic itself, its doctors, the results of operations.There are several sources from which to gather the necessary information.They cause varying degrees of confidence, but combine to give a holistic overview.


This source is easily accessible to everyone.But it is different in that illuminates only the positive aspects of the problem.And often suffers advertising exaggeration, until blatant lies.Cheerleaders have too depressed prices and overly enthusiastic reviews.And not necessarily a celebrity, famous for this clinic made there have plastic surgery.With advertising acquainted - collect information on.

Private clinic visit

This source of information is more credible, but it is uninformative.You can communicate directly with the staff, consult your doctor to check license documentation, view the information mat

erial to evaluate the appearance of the premises.But all this will only look from the outside.Step mandatory, although not allowing to fully assess the quality of services provided.

Reviews friends and acquaintances

good source, and results can be independently assessed.Only here you have a lot of friends who used the services of clinics specializing in plastic surgery?Yes, a few people would make the plastic in one clinic!The picture obtained is incomplete.And personal opinion suffers from subjectivism.


most informative source when choosing a hospital.Reviews, comments and evidence of any clinic abound.If you want to discuss the problem - the Internet there is a set of specialized forums, where users of services and to communicate, and get qualified answers.Please visit the clinic (which is now enjoyed by all the decent places).There you will get acquainted with the features of your clinic is coveted.Examine the price list, check out the equipment used, ask the characteristics of the staff.

trustworthy clinic has the following features.

  • Each type of operation is licensed by the state.One common license is not enough.If the operation fails, it is possible to bring to justice the clinic.
  • Clinic conducted a wide variety of operations.With experience comes the skill.
  • clinic provides specific, accurate, thorough information about their services over the phone or at your personal visit.This sounded indicative prices.
  • information is provided not only verbally but also in the form of printed materials, video or computer presentations.
  • get a consultation, you will hear about the possible complications and difficulties in the postoperative period.
  • you do preoperative photo.
  • Preoperatively conduct serious examination.

not credible Plastic Surgery Clinic in the cases:

  • no license to specific types of transactions.The license will not show or show reluctance.
  • restricted list practiced operations.
  • too low prices.
  • When plastic surgery is not the main acts, and additional service.
  • Tucked negative side, and painted a positive moments.
  • not carried out the pre-examination and analyzes are not taken.
  • present aggressive attitude to competitors.

Not attach importance:

  • Interior clinic.The richness of the interior and the professionalism of the doctors are not identical.
  • term work of the clinic.In any of them you can find highly qualified personnel and young professionals, modern equipment and outdated, but effective.

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