Harmful whether to wear gold jewelry?

No, gold is not bad to wear, more than that, gold has miraculous beneficial properties, yet no wonder women like to wear gold.Gold - one of the most soft metals, and the most valuable properties of gold - a chemical resistance, that is, gold is resistant to oxidation, various environmental influences.And no chemical acids and alkalis can not dissolve gold, apart from "aqua regia", so called a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids, and it alone can dissolve gold.Gold is not only an expensive metal and beautiful jewelry, gold also has useful properties that affect human health.It turns out that gold increases the pressure, improves metabolism and blood circulation, especially gold good help for those who often feel cold hands and feet.Nowadays, gold is used in the treatment of cancer.In a malignant tumor with the help of modern technology and methods introduced microscopic gold capsule, and after they are exposed to infrared rays that cause the death of malignant tumors without damaging healthy tissue.

Gold is also used in plastic surgery, gold thread used for skin rejuvenation.People who suffer from cardiovascular disease, it is best to wear gold at the breast, the long chains and pendants, rings and rings in place, as it is believed that the gold calms cardiac arrhythmia.A gold rings stabilize the blood and strengthen the nervous system, as are many at the hands of biological points.Gold benefits in dentistry and cures rheumatism and other problems with bones and joints.Gold should be worn to all who suffer from any chronic diseases, so, in my opinion, have to wear gold to all the polls, as each person something so suffer.Gold treats sinusitis, pneumonia, relieves deafness, a positive effect on the digestive tract and the eyes.Gold has antibacterial properties.Also recommended to wear gold for people with skin problems.

Gold affects not only physical health, but also on the psychological side.Accumulating solar energy, gold, touching the human skin, transmits solar power and thereby enhances and improves memory will.And if you wear a ring - they increase the activity of a person who is engaged in business and bring good luck.In uncertain and timid people gold infused virtue, supporting them.So it has long been supposed that the gold items is a kind of amulet or talisman.In the East, decided to pierce the ears of a child, what would those attracted to the girl good groom ...!In ancient India, the women wore gold jewelry, to bear a child, since it was believed that gold is good for the reproductive organs.Gold prolongs life and protects against harmful environmental influences, so it is believed that women live longer because women more often and more are gold, than men.Gold output from a variety of depression and eliminates fear.Many argue that gold protects its brilliance its owner from the evil eye and spoilage.

But if you get an allergic reaction to gold products, you should know that the reaction went to one of the metals in your decorating, because of making the golden decoration 585 at 1000g Alloy take 585g of gold, and the rest of various metals such as silver, copper nickel.In most cases, an allergic reaction occurs on nickel, it is often used in the manufacture of alloys, as it is tough and cheap.Another reason may be that the particles of shampoo or soap stuck between the wheel and the workpiece, which causes an allergic reaction.In this case, carefully wash all the water, but it is better remove jewelry before bathing.

Gold has a stimulative effect on the body, and vice versa silver - soothing, so silver and gold can not be worn together.In ancient times, they come up with a drink in gold, and its recipe is simple.Take a gold ring without stones and treatments, and fill it with two cups water, simmer until until the water will not be halved.Drink this invigorating drink should be three times a day for one teaspoon.This healing water affects the heart's activity on heart rate, improves memory.Well after all the characteristics of gold are not wearing it, and not love?So wear gold jewelry, and be beautiful!

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