Beauty and skin health: folk remedies

We all know that in our time in the store, you can find an enormous amount of all kinds of cosmetics for skin, but quality cosmetics expensive, and half of the components that are included in them are synthesized.And here we will help, "Grandma's advice", which once passed from mouth to mouth.For centuries, the best for the human body is the people's money.This brings me to the topic of this article: "The beauty and health of the skin: folk remedies."

Let's see, what are the advantages of domestic cosmetics skin care products on the shop means.Currently, dermatologists often deal with allergies to cosmetics.Not for nothing because only natural remedies for skin care products used by our ancestors.Nor had a wonderful view, even if no longer young.The greatest advantage of the home cosmetics is that there are absolutely no preservatives, perfumes, and dyes.And so, let us consider in more detail what we need for health and beauty skin: folk remedies, and some very useful ways to keep youth and elasticity:

-Two times per week, wipe the skin with lemon juice or a slice of cucumber.

-Zavarivayte lime tea and Wash them in the morning.

-Use clean peach or apricot oil to remove makeup.

-Umyvaytes infusion of oak bark, if you get freckles.Still, you can wipe the skin with a minor amount of almond oil.

-Persikovoe, apricot and almond oil prevents skin aging and provide protection from heat and cold.

-If you have a so-called "bags under the eyes," to whip egg whites, add 1 teaspoon of the juice of mountain ash, and 15 drops of peach oil.It is all mixed and used as a mask.

- If you have dry and flaky skin, you need to brew in a glass of boiling water plantain, chamomile blossoms and add mint leaves.Each take 1 teaspoon.Wait until cool to about body temperature, then wipe the problem areas.This procedure should be done 2 times a day - morning and evening during the month.

There are many women's secrets, which we inherited left women living in older times.At a time when there have come up with the resources that today kilograms and kilometers are presented on the shelves of various cosmetic stores.One of these small but very useful secrets of women is an ice cube.Yes, yes, an ice cube for the morning wipe the face, easily help you wake up.It creates an invigorating effect, and your skin gets a natural pinkish hue and longer keeps the elasticity and youthfulness.This procedure strengthens blood vessels.However, do not overdo it.

can wipe the face of the usual frozen water, but you can decoction of herbs.It is recommended to wipe both face and neck, and décolleté.For tinctures preferable to use non-carbonated mineral water.Typically, this ratio is recommended broth 1 teaspoon of your chosen herbs 0.5 cups of boiling water.All this insist for 30 minutes, then poured into molds for ice and freeze in the freezer.As a bonus to the cosmetic effect, you quenched and even treated, because at a constant application morning ice, you will forget that a runny nose.

Here are some options for infusions and decoctions for freezing:

1. Green tea.

2. 50/50 milk + water.

3. Juice of large, mature cucumber.

4. If you have oily skin make a decoction of oak bark.

5. If you have normal or oily skin, use a decoction of chamomile.

6. Excellent tones and coming to the rescue, if you have freckles mint broth with lemon juice and chamomile broth with the same lemon juice.

7. The usual non-carbonated mineral water.

8. Infusion of eucalyptus.

9. Tones and regenerates the skin decoction of natural coffee.

10. Broth series.

11. For normal skin is perfect broth linden.

12. Chop and mash rose petals to let the juice with boiled water.Use hot water, not boiling.

13. When acne is recommended to use sea salt.Take a glass of water 1 teaspoon of salt.

14. For dry skin, it is recommended to make a decoction of plantain and mint.

15. For normal skin, use a decoction of sage.

not forget that after you have wiped your face with ice, you have to smile at your reflection in the mirror and say to myself, "Good morning, dear!You look great! »

So, we are convinced of the benefits of" home beauty ".Let's just remember them:

a) there are no side effects;

b) we have a young, healthy and bright skin - organic substances quickly absorbed through the skin pores and clean it;

in) organic perfectly regenerates the skin, making it soft and elastic.

In our time, humanity is almost forgotten what the rest, rest the body and soul.Very often we wake up in the morning, something to eat in a hurry, because you need to get to work on time.In the evening we come home exhausted, with the desire as quickly as possible to go to bed.But we forget that the beauty of our skin, which, by the way, over the years, not getting better and more beautiful, depends, first of all, no matter how many creams you can find in his dressing table.The main thing - is the mode of the day in many ways - a dream.So, ladies, get enough sleep, use these tips and you'll be the most beautiful and healthy!And it - it is very important for a woman, no matter what age she was.And as for me, it's better to use what is called "folk remedies" than from head to toe besmear oneself cosmetics - because nature knows how to help our skin!

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