Make-up and hairstyles for school every day

time quite a bit, you have 10 minutes to run to the lessons, and you have not yet figured out how you'll look like today.Here you will come to the aid of this little article that will tell you what make-up and hairstyles for school each day should choose you.Of course, it is better to practice in advance, for example, on weekends or after school, so do not spend a lot of time to rework your effort to look good.

First, determine whether you needed makeover?Indeed, in the school years the skin is still young, full of vitality as her mistress and spoil her cosmetics is not very good.If you have a perfectly healthy, perfectly flat with a beautiful natural shade of the skin, you should not gloss over its different foundation or powder.Take better use of the different creams for young skin to nourish it with vitamins enrich.If suddenly you decided to hide the problem skin, it is best to use makeup for oily skin or specially for teenagers.Do not forget before applying toners use concealer - it is especially use

ful stuff, which helps to hide dark circles under the eyes, as well as a variety of skin imperfections such as pimples or eg skin redness.So, apply powder foundation or a special powder puff or sponge.Do not leave a gap not accurate.Ie causing these tools, look at exactly how you did it.If somewhere there are gaps, or vice versa fair amount of powder to tweak these shortcomings, it is time to spend a little, but in the end no one will see, and you will not look silly, that does not know how to use makeup.

Next, you need to emphasize eyebrows, their shape and color.The main thing is not to overdo it.To do this, take the shade of black or brown, or try to pick up the color of the shadow of his brow.Following a thin brush and take it lightly apply a shadow on their brows and carefully blend well.

Just you need eye shadow, preferably pastel colors.Apply gently shade on the upper eyelid and a bit of Shade.Your eyes almost made up, was the final touch - lashes.Pick Matching mascara on your taste - lengthening for volume or hypoallergenic.Kras lashes from root to tips, spend on them brush a few times, making sure that no more lumps eyelashes mascara.To complete the makeup take bright or transparent lip gloss and apply a small amount to the lips.That's all make-up is ready for school.

Makeup ready, and what to do with the hair?Who will pick up a few options suitable for school every day.Good, well-groomed hair is one of the most important attributes of any girl.Groomed hair, hair posechennye immediately apparent.Therefore, do not let your hair that were in poor condition, always monitor the cleanliness of your hair.If your hair is dry and flogged, they try to dry the hair dryer less, and uses a special moisturizing mask for the hair and the more likely to visit the hairdresser, the healthier your hair will be.And make sure that you do not appear dandruff.For dandruff is not a healthy sign.

Knowing that your hair is in good condition, have a neat appearance is worth considering what kind of hairstyle would do today in school.Depending on the length of hair, you can choose a lot of different hairstyles, as usual ponytail and just loose hair probably already tired of you.

suitable for long hair braid.Species braids set, they are made with two, three, five, six or more strands.They can be made as small African in large quantities throughout the head, and one, two.It looks beautiful and is perfect for school every day spike braid, braid "fishtail" or a French braid.To do this, choose where you will weave it: in the back of the head, starting from the top or the side somewhere.Choosing a place comb the hair and divide them into three strands proportional.Then, too, all is not so difficult.Begin to weave like a normal braid, but it adds an extra hair, thin strands of the left, then to the right.When finished weave braid, tie it at the end of a rubber band or barrette, leaving her just down on his back, shoulders, or you can spin like rakushechku and secure it in this position pins, or by any other pins.This hairstyle looks great choice, and accurately, and the hair does not interfere during the day.It is also possible to braid a braid around her head, and that would be even festive look.

As usual loose hair, you can always decorate with accessories that give you elegance.To do this, you can always use a variety of headbands and barrettes.Doing parting from different sides, and by securing for different hair clips, you'll look every day anew.Once you can do curls, it will give your appearance a little playfulness, because curly girls always seem crazy and unpredictable.

recently become very fashionable to make such a "bun".It is not very difficult to do.You choose where you prefer its location.You collect hair in a ponytail and wind the hair around the gum.Here everything is ready!As usual, you can help with stud embellishments or any hairpins to decorate the bun.This will add to the festivity like your hair, and it will not look dull and refreshed if yesterday you also did the bun.

In case if you are not comfortable to walk with her hair and make you more comfortable ponytail, do not despair.Even the most ordinary tail can be beautiful, so appreciate it and gave you compliments.To do this, gather your hair into a high ponytail on top and wind the hair on all length with a tail.It turned out quite elegantly.And not to be seen scrunchy, highlight one small section of hair and wrap it completely elastic.So your hair will look solid and gum will not be allocated.

That's all we wanted to say to you on the topic: "Make-up and hairstyles for school every day."I hope some of our tips will help you look every day anew.The main thing - remember that as if you did not look every day, do not forget about studying.Good luck in school!