History of the brand Versace

We are all familiar with the famous Italian brand, most have clothes, accessories and perfumes of this brand.But not all of us know the history of Versace brand and its development.It is for this reason that we decided to acquaint you with the history of one of the most famous in the world of fashion houses.

story of one young man.

Gianni Versace - is one of the most famous Italian company, which manufactures a line of fashionable women's and men's clothing and other luxury items, which include: luxury cosmetics and perfumes, accessories, jewelry, watches and home furnishings, namely, ceramic tilesand bathroom accessories, tableware.The origins of the company takes the 70-ies of the 20th century.The founder of the brand became a fashion designer Gianni Versace, now occupies the place of the head of his sister Donatella Versace.Original company logo is the head of Medusa Rondanini.This logo is present on all things absolutely, issued under the auspices of the brand.

History of the brand in the first

place, started on 2 December 1946, when the family of professional dressmaker Francesca Versace was born a son, whom she named Gianni.Together with his mother, the boy spent most of the time in a sewing workshop, where his mother worked.Perhaps this moment in the life of the designer was the main impetus for a career in the fashion industry.At the age of eighteen years Gianni goes to work in the same workshop.It was there that he develops his first fashion at the time line of clothing, which it very well could combine all the features of fashion trends of the time and vision of good taste and style.At that time, the young man was able to invest in the favorite business all his talent.By the way, a huge role in the study of the major fashion trends of the time, played Gianni working visits to England, France and Belgium.For six years with his mother in the studio, the guy is very much attached to the case.Plus, reverent attitude to the mother's favorite work led Gianni fall in love with this craft.

Gianni's family was two more children, his sister Donatella and brother Sancho.That is why the mother did not allocate any one of the children, paying equal attention to all of them.Just so, the future fashion designer has set a goal to earn the attention of the mother.

Thanks to the work with his mother, he learned very professional draping fabric.Only his mother could do it so well.That's why Gianni himself later stated that only in spite of his mother he learned to not only see, but also feel like the very fabric of lies.

Its development story was one day when he Versace and this could not suspect.In the studio, where he worked called rich Italian businessman who accidentally learned about a talented young man who decided to offer his cooperation.With this talent and businessman Johnny Versace learned the whole world.

When the guy turns twenty-seven years, he has worked closely with well-known fashion houses, one of them became a fashion house James Callaghan.It is this cooperation and became the foundation of Milan's Gianni career.Solo career of a talented designer was not long in coming, and in 1978 he opened his private company called fashion house Gianni Versace.Under the same name, and it creates a new collection of clothes.Together with Johnny in his new company begin to work his sister and brother.In the same year he opened his first clothing boutique "Gianni Versace", where he presents his collection of women's and men's clothing brand Versace.This very moment, and has become the main point of the beginning of the brand's history.

Style Versace.

first collection of women's clothing designer expresses all sexuality and frankness of the female image.It included an unusual short skirts, prominent cleavage and bare back.The huge popularity received special romantic and sensual corsets.Such clothing has found a huge number of his fans and admirers.After all, it differs originality, beauty and style.

Later, the manner in which Versace showed their collections, each time it provided a new popularity and fame.Each show resembled a unique show, which became the main guests of well-known actors, musicians, photographers and models.

not dress uniform.

If a person is talented, it is felt throughout for whatever he undertook.That is why not just let Versace clothes for men and women, but also took up the production of brand-name watches, accessories, handbags, jewelry, perfumes.He was never afraid to experiment, which is why all his undertakings received a worthy reward of success and fame.Today the brand Versace Plus produces stationery and furniture.Also included in the ownership of the brand luxury hotel.


Life genius designer was broken July 15, 1997.He was tragically killed right in front of his villa, the exact motives for the murder have not been identified.Sam killer committed suicide immediately following the offense.But the story did not end Versace.After the death of Gianni Versace fashion house over the reins Versace took over his sister Donnatella.That she still continues her brother started business and is a trendsetter of modern fashion and style.The entire clothing line, which today produces the brand, based on invented "the father of fashion" concept and it is all thanks to Donatella Versace, which helps this brand to be one of the most recognized in all corners of the planet.Today the fashion house Versace is synonymous with bold concepts such as style, fashion and shopping.