Coloring gray hair with henna and coffee

Staining henna.
One of the most popular natural dyes is henna.Henna - a paint plant, which is made from the dried leaves of a bush lawsonite growing in India, North Africa, Sudan and Egypt.In these and many others, especially Arab countries, henna is used to decorate the body painted for aesthetic and religious purposes.Figure lasts a long time and, thanks to additives, has a different color scheme.As a coloring agent for hair, henna is used for a long time.The advantage of this staining is completely environmentally friendly and harmless process, moreover, it is useful to strengthen the roots and faster hair growth.When painting with henna get a bright copper color with a beautiful shine, but not all are satisfied with it.Therefore, to achieve rich chestnut color henna mixed with coffee.This mixture is particularly suitable for coloring gray hair, because when you use henna alone without additives for gray hair are red spots, or a rusty tinge.It should be noted that the gray hair on the background of

dark red hair will be cast.And if more than half of white hair, the effect will be even stronger.
staining coffee and henna.
On sale you can find several types of henna: dry powder in the bag, pressed in the form of tiles, and divorced in the bottle.In addition, it may be four colors: red, chestnut, brown and black.For coloring hair is recommended to use compressed henna tiles in brown or chestnut color.Number of henna is taken depending on the length of hair.For hair to her shoulders will be quite enough half tile.Henna can be mixed with any natural roasted coffee, but it is better to add Arabica.Total need 50-100 grams of finely ground fresh coffee.The structure includes henna cocoa butter to improve the retention of henna on the hair and oil from the clove kidney for a pleasant smell.But coffee is not only give your hair an amazing shine, but also a lovely fragrance.
Tools should prepare before staining: rubber gloves, a broad brush, hair, film or bag, comb, towel and dark heat-resistant container of average size.Sex should be carefully to lay any droplets that fall on the bare surface must be removed immediately.Independently dye hair with henna is very difficult, so you should take advantage of someone's help.That on the forehead, neck and ears are not traces of painting the skin at the edge of the hair to lubricate fat cream.
dyeing process.
Thus, a mixture of grated on a fine grater henna and coffee poured boiling water and stir until a creamy consistency of the medium.Capacity from the resulting mass is placed in a larger bowl of hot water and heated.The brightness of the dyed hair is completely dependent on the temperature of the mixture - the higher the temperature, the brighter the color of hair.But we should be careful not to burn your scalp.Before fully apply the paint on all the hair, it is worth trying to separate the strands.It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and keep in mind that your hair will be painted a few hours after henna wash away.Staining need to perform in rubber gloves.Henna is applied to thoroughly clean and dry the hair, starting from the roots, and evenly distributed over the entire length of hair.After applying a mixture of henna and coffee head wrapped foil for red color and a brown color hair barrette slaughtered and dried for at least six hours.If x and y hold less, you get a greenish tint.Rinse coloring mixture should be using shampoo.For a bright red color are dried after washing the hair with a hair dryer, to wear a hat or bag and wrapped on top of a dark towel, a couple of hours achieved the desired effect.
staining results.On
result of coloring may affect previous actions with the hair, for example, lighting or sun-bleached hair.That is why it is recommended to pre-test on the hair strands.If the resulting color does not live up to expectations, it is not necessary to try to lighten up, because henna only deeply penetrate into the hair and it will bring even more complex.Get rid of too bright color is only possible with the help of warm vegetable oil, which should be applied to the hair, massaging them and blow a hairdryer, and only then wash with shampoo.

If after the first procedure did not work, repeat the procedure again.Keep in mind that henna weakens perm therefore advised to carry out painting after permanent.When you receive enough bright colors can be periodically tint hair, but it should be done no more than once every two months.Henna is a kind of medicine for the hair and by the frequent use may be "overfeeding", which is very harmful for hair.They can fade and droop "icicles."After the henna hair dye should not use chemical paint.Sometimes when using more saturated shades of red and brown paint dry well lay on the hair, but in most cases it turns out patchy uneven staining with an unpleasant shade of hair.
Now that you know all about dyeing gray hair henna and coffee before using henna for hair dye, you must weigh the pros and cons.Harm the hair with henna is impossible, but to spoil the aesthetic appearance of hair easily.The resulting color will keep for several months, and it is very difficult to neutralize.Therefore, you should comply with the technology of mixing and fulfill all the requirements to the hair before and after dyeing, and the result will not disappoint.

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