Is it always good in a movie or book a happy ending?

authors all his subjects take all of life.Yes, sometimes embellish a bit, and sometimes a little over-modest, but everything is so cheeky and banal.Even reading and watching all these books and movies automatically start predugadyvt what all will end, and the end of the viewing or reading you realize that you were right.And I was wondering if all the books and films have become predictable, then does this mean that our life has become predictable? And in Always there is good in the film or the book a happy ending? course, rarely in a book or movie end sad.Readers do not like sad end, it is necessary that everything was perfect, romantic, and always with a happy ending!Naturally, all the stories are taken from life or from the author's life or the life of another person.In this case almost all of the book ends with a happy ending, it can be the life of each of us, too, must end as happily as in the books?

I did not understand such a relationship when the two could not be together because of his

own obscure reasons and others, but apart too do not can be.Well, here's how to understand such NEOTNOSHENIYA?Is not it easier and easier to forget each other and not interfere with the living?And to begin, finally his life with the person with whom it would be simple?Why complicate life, because it is difficult and so, every day throws up surprises.Or simply close their eyes to all get together with that person, without which it is impossible to live.To step through some strange reason.And most importantly, both should strive for this, not only one side, as in my case.I want all the forces and try to be together, and he is afraid of losing control over their lives, and I can be his life, and he can not control me ...

How can you not understand what you want in this life, and from this?What more you want, then choose, but there is no need to complicate it all.Why does an adult need to complicate things?After all, remember, as a child it was clear and simple, and now we, for some reason bypass the lines simple way, and walk zigzag way around.This is part of a banal novel, but it turns out, banal novels are written by real life.

example, pulls it to her, but he can not understand what it is ... love or just desire.He rushes from one extreme to another, you love it, you hate it.She loves him, and used to his simple behavior.I have immunity from pain that he caused each time tossing it to her, then her.Once again, when he was drawn to her, she almost could not resist, because between them the short distance.And now she thinks, no matter how to meet them, because finding him, she slips and destroy everything to turn out against him, so as not to succumb to desire and love for him.

sodragaet thoughts about him all her mind, straining all of its essence as a guitar string.She becomes difficult to breathe at the thought of it.Starts dizziness, consciousness becomes cloudy and thoughts scatter in different directions.It loses its internal state.As if she soars above the clouds, and begins to flutter, it becomes good, that I want to die of this pleasure.It feels as if crowded feeling it break into small pieces.But it was nice and quiet when it was not.She had almost forgotten him, and stopped thinking about it.And how many tears shed because of him ?!

He's like a hero banal banal novels and hard stone, like a heartless and unfeeling.It is impossible to discern any feelings, but sometimes it appears a small hole from which it begins to ooze all his desires and feelings for her.And he frantically starts to darn the hole, but she hopes that it ever break, and he fell asleep with her head to foot with his love and passion.It's going on the same thing, but he resists her feelings.He is trying to forget her, but it is only a small piece of metal, and somewhere a huge magnet for it, and this magnet distance does not matter.The strength of a magnet is large, and he tries to resist, but nothing happens.The fact that he builds for his defense, the strength of the magnet then it all breaks down.Thought about it overshadow everything, he dreams about it at night, imagining how she clutched in their hands the sheets, moaning.It comes to him in a dream, not letting him sleep.

This story is very much like any novel, and, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the end of the story there is, we can say that the book has not yet unfinished, because this banal story - this is my life.This is an excerpt of my life associated with it.The passage of my life resembles a banal affair that I was interested before.Reading these stories, I dreamed that I would be the same novel, the pleasure of which will bring pain, but in the end, we stay together in spite of all that will be between us.Well, a banal novel appeared in my life.But that's life, and I can not predict what will happen when we will meet him again.And I like the main character, who does not know what will happen next, and that gets on her love for him, and pain and pleasure, as opposed to her, as he did.On the one hand, relying on these novels, one can say that I am confident that the end of this passage of my life would be the best, but on the other hand, it's life.Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow in his life, what will happen and how it will turn back to him.Life is unpredictable thing, but love can be predictable?Perhaps the main characters of my novel will remain together?Maybe it's a banal affair with cloying sweet end?

Someone reading my life like a book, knowing in advance what will happen.This one knows whether we are together or not, because he opened for all aspects of our life, and mine.And he is analyzing what is happening, understand that we'll be together ... and maybe we will not.It is unknown heroes of novels, as well as me and him.In life there is no author, who would be watching the turn of events, and led to the end of the book to a happy end.Maybe we writers of his life?Maybe we can do so that would be the end could write «happy end», and not just «end»?

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