A woman should be able to roll three things: banks, eyes and hysteria

Every woman, even irregularly, but at least once a week to raise to their feet, not only her husband, but the whole house.Perhaps popular rumor rights and women should be able to roll three things: banks, eyes and hysterical.But is there an explanation for this highly feminine skill.After all, banks are close to conservation can and men.Sunset eyes, maybe a child playing with their parents.But roll up hysteria - the prerogative of purely ours, women.Who but a woman should be able to "completely demolish the male logic."And besides, it's all accompanied by shouting and throwing everything on the floor came to hand things.

What is a tantrum?

Every girl should be able to draw attention to themselves in any way.Therefore, the appearance and the ability to correct itself "submit" always talk about women's desire to attract to the person attention.Really hysterical - this is one of those ways?

So hysteria - is a special behavior with which he is trying to attract attention of his personality.But hy

steria, in the ordinary everyday sense, is a special property of the character and is not a subject for study in psychiatry at the abolition of the concepts such as psychosis, hysterical psychopathy nervosa and hysterical.Hysteria itself can manifest itself in two ways: a congenital weakness of the cerebral cortex which is why there is no proper control on human behavior itself, and the second time - this is the wrong upbringing of the child.Most often suffer hysterical children who had pets in the family.

hysteria comes in two forms - loud and quiet.When loud hysterical man is able to cry, to scream, beat the dishes and perform other violent things.In a quiet hysterical person can quietly show their actions and thereby achieve the same result as in loud hysterics.As a rule, the woman at the quiet hysteria is silent, and reproachfully in his eyes looking at the man, pressing on his conscience, or just turn in on themselves, hiding from the outside world.

The main purpose for this behavior - the desire to be in the spotlight.Typically, this condition last as long as all those who surround the person who is in hysterics, will not notice it and begin to calm him down and offer their "helping hand" or to beg for forgiveness.

reason for hysteria .Sometimes

side it may seem that people are prone to hysterics too obviously respond to all the vicissitudes of life.For example, a normal person is unlikely to arrange a tantrum over the fact that he failed to buy your favorite trinket.

In fact, to hysterics, reason itself is not needed.It's just an excuse, for which you can catch on and issue of the root cause of the hysteria.In short, people are prone to hysteria, to excuse themselves, and do not pay attention.They successfully important to remind myself.So, hysterical - the ability to be able to show the feelings that are not.

Recognize tantrum .

Of course, all the cries and tears should not be taken as a tantrum.After all, each of us has his temper and his emotions so easily offended, or worry about anything showing the same "symptoms" as in hysterics.In this case, just need to be able to analyze the situation and the person that is in front of us.Only in this way we can identify "the crowd" their environment hysterical type of person.

True hysteria inherent in a number of specific features.Of course, these features may be relevant to ordinary people, but that's just hysterical, they immediately get into the field of view and cut the ear.

hysteric, as a rule, should always behave defiantly and try, in order, it is not, find themselves in the spotlight.And to ensure that her name was on hearing the people around them.Incidentally, these people are also easily recognize and appearance.As a rule, they dress very extraordinary and colorful.Plus, prefer to carry a huge amount of volume and remarkable jewelry.But their laughter and tone of voice is always different volume, and gestures are full of theatrical play.

People who tend to hysterics are not quite sincere.They live with false feelings and play a special role in society (another lover, business partner).In fact, it is not necessary.After all, they have totally different goals in life.They just cry at the slightest pretext, trying to show how they care about anything and everything that is around.

All hysteric divided into two mud.The first type of people is able to be able to constantly complain and cry the blues, and the second type of characteristic constant bragging and self PR.

Among hysteric very emotional and sensitive with respect to the experiences of other people.They deeply penetrate into the soul of another person and just as easy to manipulate them.In the privacy of these women want to see next to a good and complaisant men to constantly awaken their sense of guilt.

What to do with people who are hysterics?

If a wise man, he would try to rein himself and direct his energy in a completely different direction (sports, work, family).Achieving peaks in these areas, people can easily obtain and attention from others.

If you encounter a person prone to hysteria, just try not to encourage him not to "dance to his tune."Even a circle broken crockery, and tears just poured a river of the man's eyes.For a moment, just imagine that you are in a theater.Only when hysteria will pass, try to talk to this person and to prove to her that you can achieve the desired and the other way.

Finally, a woman should consult a therapist if notice of a frequent tantrums and mood disruptions.The expert is sure to help overcome this illness.Good luck and fewer tantrums in my life!