Beauty treatments for the skin against aging

After 30- 35 years the skin varies considerably - there are deeper wrinkles, reduced elasticity, enhanced edema.At this age, the skin will be useful additional nutrition and hydration, such cosmetic treatments, easy peeling.

in 35-45 years because of the sagging muscles becomes noticeable change of facial contours.During this period, it required the most active cosmetics and more thorough care as significantly reduced cell activity and weakened muscle tone.Procedures are needed, enhances the regeneration of the skin.In women over 40 years starting hormonal changes in the body, which immediately affects the appearance of the skin.She needed intensive nutrition, exfoliation, if there were dark spots - whitening.

Vacuum lifting.

In beauty salons, there are special treatments for aging skin.One of these procedures - the vacuum lifting.This procedure is the effect on small areas of skin apparatus creating the vacuum.As a result, the contour of the face significantly strengthened, reduced scarring and sw

elling, skin is actively supplied with oxygen, it improves its appearance.


can take advantage of the salons that deal with contouring.It is not a surgical procedure.Contour is a way of getting rid of cosmetic defects (wrinkles, scars, wrinkles) by injection under the skin gel preparations.Typically, these drugs are of natural origin, so do not cause rejection, do not interfere with the normal functioning of the skin and have a lasting effect.


One of the most popular and effective treatments for age-related changes of the skin is considered to be peeling.After it improves complexion, become less noticeable wrinkles, the skin becomes velvety, soft and seemingly seems much younger.Peeling can be useful to remove some blemishes: pigmentation, enlarged pores, scars and acne.Depending on the desired depth of the impact can be carried out superficial, middle, or deep peeling.A superficial peel improves the appearance of the skin, but not the expression of results with significant age-related changes.In these cases the median peeling.With this procedure eliminates wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, the nose, improves skin elasticity and tighten oval face.

Deep peels affects the lower layers of the skin, so it very invasive procedure and is carried out only under general anesthesia in a hospital.As a result of the serious effects of deep wrinkles disappear completely, we can achieve a strong anti-aging effects, but there is a risk of multiple complications.Peels held mechanical, ultrasound, laser or chemical means.If mechanical peeling is lifted some layer of skin using abrasives or cosmetic tools.As a result, ultrasonic peeling under the influence of vibration due to the collapse of horny skin cells, and is their increased exfoliation.Laser peels almost dries skin layers, which are then just peel.Chemical peeling is the most inexpensive and easy in execution, I found wider application.For him, it uses a variety of alkalis and acids, which are virtually dissolved the surface layers of the skin.

Of course, not everyone is shown peeling.This procedure significantly reduces the protection of the skin and can lead to various complications.After the peeling necessarily Use protective creams preventing UV and micro-organisms.


Another procedure aimed at rejuvenation, it darsonvalization - effects on the skin electric current of high frequency.As a result, reduces wrinkles, increases vitality, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

indisputable, it would be better if the process will select the optimum beautician, but significantly improve the appearance of the skin and can be at home with the help of creams and masks.


Since the 30 years necessary to choose a cream with lifting effect.Their daily use and application at the same time easy self-massage for a long time keeps the skin in fit and fresh.Be sure to perform the exercises, it will maintain muscle tone, responsible for oval face.

Kormpressy and masks.

skin elasticity is good to apply a warm compress with olive oil.To do this, moisten a cotton cloth with warm oil, put on the face and cover with a towel, but after 10-15 minutes wipe off excess oil.

morning indispensable to the ice with aloe.To cook the washed aloe leaves 2 hours poured in cold water, then boiled for 2-3 minutes, and after cooling is poured into the mold for ice.

Perfect when aging skin mask of white clay with the addition of aromatic oils.They have the effect of peeling and lifting at the same time and provide instant results.

home peeling.

suitable for home peeling mask with ground coffee or oatmeal, low-fat yogurt are bred or cream, depending on the fat content of the skin.The mixture is applied to the face and then gently massage with light circular motion, causing exfoliation of dead cells, then wash off with water.

For quick lifting effect apply tightening mask on the basis of egg white.For example, the mask of whipped egg white with a teaspoon of lemon juice.It is applied with a thin layer on the face and neck for 20 minutes.Then, the mask should be washed off with warm water and apply a suitable nourishing cream.

Recipes such masks great many, it is important to choose one that suits and like more than others.

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