How to look at the resort is expensive and glamorous?

«It's great!"- Admitted, because you want to be a compliment to any resort I became your constant" companion. "In the world of rumor it goes that in the resorts elegant and glamorous wife can look only millionaires and Hollywood stars.In fact, the price of this appearance - it is only five basic rules, which are an excellent indicator of good taste and glamor.So, let us finally know, as I look at the resort is expensive and glamorous.

Rule one: a beautiful, well-groomed skin with a golden tan - it is always great.

According to many stylists, tanned body - it is always an indication that you are rich and refined.Therefore, those women who have groomed your skin with a beautiful golden hue will impress more than one man.Of course, to ensure that your skin has acquired an exquisite bronze color, you only have a week tumbled down under the hot sun.But, if you do not want to wait, then we can advise you the way to the famous Sharloz Theron, who won on the nature of light skin, it does not take the sun ta

n.The basis of this method lies the special make-up for the body.To do this, you must use the self-tanning cream and a certain shade of powder for the body.By the way, with the help of the sun, it can be quite a good idea, "make up" the appearance of cellulite or to emphasize a slim figure.So, you want to look dark just over an hour, then you need:

- previously, using body scrub clean the skin and apply a uniform layer of tanning.In order to self-tanning applied to the body easily and evenly, it must be applied with a damp cotton swab;

- before going to the people, apply to the skin a special moisturizer for the body, which has a shimmering gold particles;

- use the golden powder for the face and his body.This powder should be applied over the moisturizer on those places where it is very clearly distinguished the muscles (collarbone, shoulders, cheeks, eyebrows, neckline, arms and legs).

Here you have a beautiful well-groomed skin, which has a superb tan makes you the queen of glamor.

Rule two: brilliant and healthy hair - it's very glamorous.

To the resort of your hair look luxurious, well-groomed and attractive they are in need of special care.And a shampoo for this certainly is not enough.There can not do without a special hair conditioner.It is because it can be a very effective mask.This is the "female cunning" enjoys socialite, who always knows how to look expensive and glamorous Paris Hilton.For this mask you need in a ceramic cup to separate the conditioner with water, about 2: 1, then covering it with a towel for 30 seconds to put in the microwave.Then, apply the resulting mask on your hair and wrap your head with a warm towel.Keep such a mask must be 20 minutes.It was after this procedure, your hair will shine and sparkle in the sun, creating the effect of what you have just visited a beauty salon.Also, remember that no hair will not be able to create a refined look without your ability to proudly hold his head!

Rule Three: well-groomed hands - this is your calling card to the world of luxury and glamor.

stylists As they say: "Bad manicure woman can afford only half an hour a week - when is the salon to the manicurist."And it's true, because it is well-groomed and beautiful hands allow a lady to look glamorous and sophisticated, not only the resort, but also in everyday life.So, if before his trip to rest, you're constantly visiting professional manicure at the spa you can simply use a cream for hands and painted nails understated transparent varnish.If you have the nature of dark skin, you need to use a pale pink nail enamel, while light skin nail good fit with light beige shade.These shades of lacquer also perfectly suited for a pedicure.Incidentally, the rage is the use of the same hue lacquer on the hands and feet.

Rule Four: natural makeup will help you look divine.

According to many makeup artists, to look expensive and elegant, it is necessary to use a universal makeup.This make-up allows you to combine as exquisite and sporty appearance of clothing.The most important principle of a make-up is a clear tonal basis, a small amount of mascara, dark gray eye shadow, blush and bronze shades of pink lipstick or lip gloss.This makeup has long been conquered not only the famous resorts of the world, but has been adopted by the most famous women of fashion in Hollywood.

Rule five: legs for a million dollars.

look tempting you always help smooth legs.To the resort, they always remained such, there are two ways to do this: shaving (a good machine, shaving gel and a moisturizer after) and waxing (special refrigerated strips for hair removal).Incidentally, these two procedures, in addition to removing hair, able to remove dead skin from the surface of cells, which prevent the uniform tanning.Also for the perfect appearance of your legs, do not forget to use a scrub every week, and every day emollient cream for legs.After these procedures, your legs will be the most delicate and glamorous at the resort.

Here they are, the five basic rules that you need to do to look expensive and glamorous during his holiday vacation.Now, let's recall the facts which might prevent you look glamorous at the resort.So this is - densely painted eyelashes with mascara clumps, contour on the lips and hands on the eyes, irregular and visited the tips of the hair regrowth of hair, uneven tan, heavy and haunting smell Parfum.Here they are, the enemies of glamor and luxury!Beware of them and look like a million dollars!Good luck and glamorous resort!

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