How to choose toilet water?

you a flirt or a business woman?

choosing a fragrance, you become a witch for herself!After all, depending on your choice, you can be shy or flirt passionate subjugator men's hearts, spoiled lady or a serious business lady.If you looked into the perfume shop, then take your time and make a gift, embodying all of its dreams.Let this choice will emphasize your individuality and will lift your spirits again and again!How to choose the right perfume?


Unfortunately, perfume shops - this is not the place where you want to choose their own perfume.Yes!You are right!The fact that a feature of its fine flavor, you can catch correctly only in a calm atmosphere, without the hustle and bustle of people and unnecessary extraneous odors.You must feel like a queen leisurely strolling through the park.If the conditions are opposite, then you risk to acquire spirits away from your notes that really would be a shame if you make a mistake in expensive perfumes.Even if conditions allow, it is better to spl

ash the selected fragrance on the wrist of his hand and walk a few hours.And then you will inhale the aroma coming from your hands and body will tell you whether it's your odor that emanates from your body.

test strips.

no desire to interrupt the perfume that you use, carry out tests of new?Also clear risks.In this case, the store has a test strip, which can cause you to drop interest spirits.Thus, you can select multiple flavors and take the time in order to make an informed and deliberate decisions.The downside is that the flavor and body paper will be somewhat different.And one more thing: do not put the test - strips with different flavors in one place.Otherwise, the flavors mix, and you can not make the right choice.


Consider also that the skin in humans is different: the temperature of the skin, subcutaneous tissue composition, the presence of her hair, all this and more affects the flavor.Therefore, the same fragrance on the skin of different people may produce different flavors and have a different resistance.Therefore, to decide on the acquisition of certain spirits, it is necessary to appreciating the fragrance of her skin, applied on clean skin without other flavors of perfume, cream or soap.

enchant flavor?

impossible to hurry if you want to choose the right perfume.Even if you are fascinated fragrance, watch them during the day.It happens that gradually some notes smell begin to annoy the owner.Or conversely, the first impression is not the location, but gradually, he will be the favorite.

Aromatic molecules are very volatile.Testing the resistance of spirits, do not often smell perfumed skin area.Afterwards, you will not smell at all.Just the body ceases to feel it, as the olfactory receptors can not master many flavors in a short period of time.

intensity of flavor and resistance also depends on the category of liquid you choose.For example, as part of the percentage of perfume oils and other aromatic components is 15 - 40. In the toilet water the percentage of aromatic flavors correspond 10.

blondes and brunettes?

Invalid statement that blondes flavor - a gentle scent of greens and vegetables, and flavor brunettes - more oriental and sweet.Each ladies your taste and preferences, so no such rules do not have to adhere to.Everything depends on the associations that naveivaet whatever flavor.As a rule, it is the memories of the past or the events associated with a delightful mood.

Listen to your voice

Every fashionista has several flavors that it uses depending on the state of mind and mood, or anticipation of any event: romantic, light as the wind, mysterious and elegant.Therefore, you are guided in choosing only their well-being.

choosing a fragrance, carefully listen to it.Fully Whether you are satisfied with a bouquet created in this composition.It happens that interferes with only one note.If the feeling is there, it is unlikely you will be able to fully love this perfume.


Use only high-quality spirits brands.An allergic reaction is very rare for quality perfume, choose the water will not be difficult if you do not have restrictions on the smell.But you can expect from a fake anything.Still, testing for resistance perfume fragrance on your wrist, just note the reaction of the skin.Is there no redness at the site of application of the sample, if there is - it is not your spirits.

Perfume and purpose of the event.

course, some toilet water vybrat- is your full right.But do not forget their loved ones and for catering, where you're going to go.It was not always this fragrance can match the public and objectives of the event.And the taste of your loved one, too, do not forget.After all, if you do not like the scent of your other half, or some note in the composition, it will reject it from you, and because you are using scent to create a special attraction to him.Choosing perfume, talk to your loved one, we assure you will be able to pick up a single scent that will fully satisfy both it and your taste.Now that you know how to choose the toilet water.Use the spirits like a magnet in fascinating games.

Well, if you still have not decided on the way that you want to bring to life with new flavors, then scroll through the fashion magazines with advertising spirits brands.You can always find a description of the composition and recommendations in which case they will be win-win.You can easily find out the natural flavor and is more suitable for bright parties, energetic or calm and balanced.Quite often, a new perfume of the same company are common notes and this is also a good option to change the image, keeping the tradition.

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