The use of essential oil, jojoba for the care of skin and hair

The use of essential oil, jojoba skin care and hair

Chinese oil Simmonds excellent care of the skin of the neck, face and décolleté.Oil nourishes and moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, relieves irritation and inflammation heals problem skin.The essential oil, jojoba is a true assistant in hair care, protecting and renewing them, making strong, healthy and shiny, as well as eliminating the fragility.This tool is so safe and effective that can be used in skin care of newborns.

What feature of the action of oil?After applying oil on the skin a thin invisible film, safeguard the skin from external factors adversely.This film leaves no oily sheen on the skin and retains moisture in the skin.

Simmonds Chinese oil is widely used in the preparation of recipes according to popular cosmetics.Here are some recipes from their myriad.


To care for every skin type

You can prepare a mixture of different oils, which is recommended to wipe the face after each bath, shaving and contact with sunlight.Jojob

a oil can be mixed with oils of avocado, almond, orange, lemon.

Recipe from facial wrinkles

Jojoba oil can be used in pure form, but can be mixed with avocado oil at a ratio of 1: 1. Add a few drops of oil of fennel and mint.It is recommended to lubricate the wrinkles up to two times a day.

recipe when sore and flaky dry skin

Add to multiple article.l.Simmonds Chinese oil a few drops of orange oil.Lubricate the problem areas of the skin every day to twice a day.

recipe when sagging, lost elasticity of the skin

Stir several art.l.Jojoba essential oil with a few drops of patchouli oil.Massage flabby skin two times a day.

recipe for problem skin

couple of art.l.connect the base oil with a few drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil.The mixture should be lubricated problem skin two times a day, as well as put cotton pads with a pre-printed on them with a mixture of a quarter of an hour.

recipe while stretching and scarring of the skin

Mix 1-2 hours. L.Chinese Simmonds essential oil with a few drops of rosemary, mint and lavandnogo oils.The resulting composition of a good rub in problem areas.For the prevention of stretch marks is necessary to mix 2 tbsp.l.oil with a few drops of orange and lemon oil.It is recommended that the mixture to massage problem areas.

Recipe sealed softening skin

essential oil can be applied in pure form on the problem areas, and can be mixed with other oils.Mix 10-15 ml of oil the Chinese Simmonds with ½ hr. Liter.tea tree oil.This composition of oils is recommended for applications and massages.

recipe to combat cellulite

Jojoba oil is used in pure form or mix 1-2 tbsp.l.with a few drops of orange oil, juniper, fennel, geranium and lemon.It can be used in conjunction with jojoba oil of patchouli oil, rosemary and lavender.According to the composition of a good massage place with the "orange peel".

recipe for lip care

Mix 1-2 tbsp.l.Chinese Simmonds essential oil with a few drops of peppermint oil or lemon balm.Every day, two times a day neat massage movements apply the mixture on the lips.

Hair Care

Recipes for daily hair care

each time for 15 minutes before washing your hair, rub into the roots of jojoba oil.

Apply comb jojoba oil or a composition prepared from 1 ch. L.of the essential oil and 1 hour. L.orange oil or ylang-ylang.Comb the hair comb with up to three times a day.This tool is recommended for thin and brittle hair and dry hair types.

recipe for hair loss

Apply oil to the crest of the Chinese Simmonds in pure form or stir 1 hr. Liter.of essential oil 1 h. l.oils of sage and eucalyptus. combing hair up to three times a day.The same structure can be applied to the hair for a quarter of an hour, and then washed with a conventional shampoo head.

Recipe hair mask

massage movements rub jojoba oil into the scalp and balances put on hair, distributed over the entire length.Insulate head plastic cap and leave on the hair overnight.On the morning of any shampoo wash your hair.