How to choose the dishes for microwave oven

Over time, the microwave became a resident of virtually every kitchen.And consumer demand grew, and with them - and the number of functions of the recipient.Grill, convection mode, the timers for the month ahead, and much more - not the ultimate dream and harsh reality.Everyone can find the stove, which is necessary to him.

As for dishes for the microwave, the oven when buying it should be given particular attention.Better to spend the "first way" than to look for every day, and where to buy the bowl or cup, to learn what they need to be fit or do not fit, crack or explode and scatter into small pieces.

Let's get started.Dining glass and porcelain, as well as almost every piece of pottery considered thermally stable.Utensils made of polypropylene and polyamide (we call it a plastic) is also able to withstand high temperatures, but it should be on a sticker, which reports on this property.All these types are suitable for the preparation of the dishes (or thawing and heating) cooking in a conventional o

ven.The word "normal" means that the furnace is not grilling or convection.

fireproof dish costs more simply because of the heat-more time-consuming and costly process of its production.This dish is made of glass, ceramics and porcelain.Usually, it is very appreciated and cherish the hostess.After all, it can be used not only in the microwave in all modes, but in the oven, on elektropechke, and even put on an ordinary gas stove (prerequisite - flame divider).

to use a heat-resistant and refractory ceramic ware china and glassware are a number of warnings and cautions.Thus, the dishes of this kind can not get it out of the fridge and immediately put under the grill.She needs a gradual natural heating.Otherwise, it just burst from the extreme temperatures.The same fate "meet" and the capacity, remove from the microwave or oven and placed on a wet table.A drop of water would nullify the "no" all the efforts of the hostess.

Despite the apparent complexity of the technology of microwave - significant step into the future.Utensils for microwave oven in need of care and the observance of a few simple rules.In this case, the "friendship" with a microwave and a delicious meal provided.

glassware marked "thermal stability" is suitable for use with food with microwaves only.In such dishes can be thawed and warmed dinner, for example.It is also suitable for the preparation of certain dishes, but also microwaves.It should be noted that it is better to use the thick-walled glass or glass-ceramic, as the thin walls can burst from too hot contents.Now in vogue translucent matte white glassware and glass ceramic.

Porcelain can also be put in the microwave.For example, heat the dinner already decomposed in portions (if it is prepared in advance or brought from the restaurant), brew coffee, boil the milk, cook the herb broth ... Plates better to take without skirting, so once more placed on the turntable.The plates need stable and preferably wide.

in ceramic and crockery should pay attention to the fact that it evenly on all sides has been glazed.Otherwise, the dishes are unevenly heated, the coating will crack and eventually deteriorate.Expense that ceramics and pottery bad pass microwave dishes such gets very hot.Due to this during the preparation of burgers, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and many other delicious dishes turns golden brown.The oil thus need not be added.In addition, on the grill and convection such dishes it feels great.Most importantly - do not take up her hands after cooking - it is too hot, and it is better to take a towel or oven mitts.

Very often the products of so-called "fast food" is the icon that says "you can put in the microwave."Indeed, paper bags and packages of this kind, as well as containers made of extruded foam suitable for heating with microwaves.It should be noted that overheating may ignite paper, and foam - start to melt.Therefore, the process you need to follow.Take into account the need and the fact that sugar and fat during heating have a very high temperature, so the paper, cardboard and foam packaging is not recommended for use with this kind of food.Parchment shift bakery while defrosting.The cartons heat the small pastries - bagels, croissants, buns and tarts.It is better to cover them with a napkin, so that the top does not dry, giving moisture.Do not use in the microwave wax paper (may burn) and waxed cups and plates (with melted wax food spoiled).In the office, for example, can be heated in a conventional bun napkin.This will leave the turntable clean and free of crumbs, and a bun - dry.

containers of plastic is also suitable for use in microwave ovens.It is a variety of containers, bags and film.Containers intended for this kind of use, can withstand temperature range up to + -40˚S 140˚S.Plastic dishes are not afraid of changes in temperature, but if the product is sweet or fatty warms above the permitted temperature, the capacity is deformed, and then melted, if time does not take action.Packets and film designed to protect the food from the fumes.They wrapped foods and spices, and get a tasty and natural foods.In order to package is not bursting with excess steam with a deafening sound, it makes a hole.

Microwave oven allows you to cook a delicious, varied and healthy food.How to choose the dishes for microwave ovens?When buying cookware for your furnace should listen to all the advice to your liking and choose the dishes, the appropriate style and the "spirit" of the interior of your kitchen.