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Layered Salad

  • pack of cherry flavored gelatin - 1 Each
  • pack of lemon flavored gelatin - 1 Each
  • pack lime flavored gelatin - 1 Each
  • pack of orange flavored gelatin - 1 Each
  • Milk - 2 cups
  • packs conventional gelatin - 2 pieces
  • white sugar - 1 cup sour cream
  • package - 1 Each
  • vanilla extract - 2 teaspoons

In a medium saucepan boil the milk with sugar.Cool completely, but not in the refrigerator.Dissolve each package of flavored gelatin separately in the 1 1/2 cups of boiling water.Set aside.Dissolve the gelatin in a conventional half cup of warm water.Add sour cream with the cooled milk sugar.Set aside.In a dish put the gelatin of the same color.Chill in the fridge until harden.Then put the 1 1/3 cup chilled cream on a frozen layer of gelatin.Lay out the layers in such order of priority until all the gelatine is not used.Cooling after each addition of gelatin.

Servings: 5-6

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