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  • Tomato juice - 1 liter
  • Black and red peppers - - to taste Salt
  • - - To taste
  • Sugar - - to taste
  • vinegar - 2 tablespoons.spoon

Ingredients: The composition of ketchup includes such ingredients: tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and seasoning.For density sauce may be added starch.Properties and Background: It is believed that the recipe of ketchup was opened in China.Only with the time it changed not only this sauce ingredients, but the way of preparation.Originally ketchup was prepared from anchovies, mushrooms, walnuts, kidney beans or beans, wine and spices.This sauce is called «koechiap» or «ke-tsiap», which translated from Cantonese means "juice eggplant."An interesting fact is that in the old recipe tomato ketchup were not used.From Asia ketchup was brought to England, where he was called «ketchup», «catchup».Ketchup also gained popularity in the kitchens of Europe and America.There are several types of sauce: tomato ketchup, a barbecue, spicy, garlick

y, spicy, with mushrooms, chili and more.Application: serves as a Ketchup hot and the cold dishes.It is used in the preparation of sandwiches, hamburgers and pizzas.Ketchup is often mentioned in the recipes of dishes from pasta and pasta.Good taste acquire poultry dishes and meat, seasoned with ketchup.Ketchup used as salad dressings, soups, and pizza.This sauce is also fed to the hot, kebabs and sausages.Preparation: To prepare the tomato juice, ketchup should be boiled for 10 minutes, then add the red and black pepper, vinegar, sugar, salt and cook on low heat until the mixture thickens.Chef's Tips: To make the spicy flavor when cooking ketchup can use different spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, mustard seed, ginger, bay leaf, fennel, cloves and others.

Servings: 4

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