Use of vitamin E in cosmetology

Tocopherol - a kind of magic wand that transforms Cinderella with stress tired of aged skin from ultraviolet radiation in the beautiful princess.

Use of vitamin E in cosmetics.

This vitamin is an antioxidant effect, it protects the epidermal cells with collagen and elastin from breaking, which can cause free radicals.As a result, the skin tightened and smoothed under the influence of vitamin E, which helps alleviate the symptoms of allergic reactions and acne.

Vitamin E:

  1. Improves color of skin, eliminate toxins, cleansing the body and increasing the life of red blood cells, red blood cells, acting as a prophylactic against anemia (anemia).
  2. activates the regenerative processes in the skin, improving its supply of blood and moisturizing it.
  3. show a rapid wound healing, soothing the skin, facilitating skin condition with burns from the sun and other thermal effects.
  4. way to prevent the destruction of the "fragile" vitamins C and A. It enhances their anti-aging and antioxidant effects.
  5. Protects skin from photo-aging caused by ultraviolet light, reducing the risk of developing melanoma and other forms of cancer lesions.He has a mild diuretic effect, so is able to get rid of bags under the eyelids, facial swelling and other symptoms of excessive hydrophilic tissue that develops with age.
  6. way to prevent the appearance of freckles and age spots on the skin.If they have already appeared, vitamin can lighten their skin color and level the face.

daily value of vitamin E.

The day the body needs about 100 mg of the vitamin of beauty.

Forms of vitamin E.

This vitamin, as they say, a lot of people, because it is not a single element, and 8. The most powerful action obschevitaminnogo properties of the compound has "alpha-tocopherol."And the most powerful antioxidant effect - tocopherol and gamma sigma.It is in these very needed in our skin.The main problem is that these forms tokoferolovye body is unable to synthesize, and can not be delayed in the stock, that are capable of other fat-soluble vitamins that are absorbed from the gut in the presence of fats which are vegetable oil.

Vitamins A, for example, may accumulate in the liver, and A - in the skin, with the palms and soles are stained ocher.But tocopherol behaves much like water-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C. It is stored in the body only for a while.Therefore, these vitamins need daily to feed the skin from the inside and outside.

Tokoferolovye capsule.

natural vitamin E contains rosehip oil and sea buckthorn.However, if these types of oils applied to the skin, they will work only on the surface.Inside they will not penetrate because of the phospholipid barrier.

Leather, rejecting any foreign connection, and does not take useful items, such as vitamin E, which is contained in natural cosmetics and oils.When he lingers on the surface, it quickly oxidizes and loses its beneficial properties.Scientists have struggled for a long time to solve the problem of preservation tokoferolovyh compounds from oxidation and transport it into the skin.This question is decided only in the 60th years.When they were invented "nanocapsules" as this term appeared later - in the 90s.

Nanomasla, liposomal cream with vitamin E compounds tokoferolovymi: application.

Nanocapsules with tokoferolovymi compounds are able to penetrate the layers of skin, where there are age-related changes that are inaccessible to conventional creams.Previously, vitamin E injected into the dermis intradermally injecting (mesotherapy technique).The use in cosmetic capsule allowed to do without inektsirovaniya.

When lecithin microspheres pass through obstacles, they hold fast to all pledged their content and deliver it to the cell unharmed.Nanocapsules can increase 10 times the content tokoferolovyh connections in the epidermis.Use of vitamin E as such 10 times its efficacy in free form.The content of vitamin nanokosmeticheskih means 5 times lower than the conventional.

Cream with Vitamin E: how to buy?

butter or cream containing tocopheryl acetate?- You will get only a superficial effect.

And if a part is mentioned about a prisoner in nanocapsules or liposomes alpha-tocopherol, then the remedy can be taken without hesitation.But first we must ask about the presence of the security certificate.Tocopherol liposomal form, getting into the body, it is completely digested, like everything that goes into the nanoparticles.Therefore, these funds should be first-rate quality.

additional advantage of cosmetics is that it contains vitamin C and vitamin A compounds with them the effect of vitamin E increases.The most harmonious combination of vitamin E with vitamin C. The combination has a strong protective effect against UV.

Proper application of creams with vitamin E.

Before you apply nanomaslo or liposomal cream varieties with mixed tocopherols, you need to wash your hands.Sterility cream violated if you suddenly squeezed more and more cream than you need, and try to return the excess back into the jar.

Once finished using the funds necessary to tightly close the lid and remove the jar in a dark, cool place, but not in the refrigerator.The optimum storage temperature - about 20 degrees.If the agent gets into the eyes - rinse.Redness, irritation - contact a specialist - a dermatologist.When applying the cream, do not stretch and do not rub the skin.Drive the cream with fingertips, easily leading cosmetics on massage lines: from the middle of the face - the boundary of the hair growth and temples, ears, stroking movements from the collarbone to the chin lead cream, and from him - to the lugs.From the bridge "are pushing" the cream lightly to the tip of your nose.

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