Food for breast augmentation

products for breast augmentation: delusion.

Women often ask the question: Do not increase the bust?Today, after so many wonderful advertise drugs that promise to increase breast size by as much as 2 several weeks!This topic deserves a separate article.Therefore, we will focus on how to use those or other products, you can increase the breast, and it often happens that these tips are beginning to contradict each other, or even themselves.

Until now, people believe that the breast can grow from the cabbage.Her, in the hope of such an effect, women eat in large quantities than the risk of getting bowel disorder.And even cleaner: offer to use the raw dough, yeast to bust became more elaborate.

ladies whose puberty has long passed, to conduct such experiments safe.Unknown to increase bust or not, but the weight will creep up - that's for sure.

believed that a wonderful tool for breast augmentation is beer.Women are advised to drink it almost a liter a day, they say, then the chest and grow ... Only her

e in beer have not the slightest component, which would help to grow breasts, but the elements that contribute to the formation of a beer belly, as time is.With such puztsom not to sexuality and eroticism.In general, we do not need!

can confidently say that the beer - the destroyer of female beauty, moreover, it is a destructive effect on the reproductive function of the female body.It is unrealistic to give birth to a healthy baby and keep beauty, using beer.That is why it is necessary, first of all, think of your head!

And whether large breasts attract those for whom women go to such victims, that is, men?According to surveys conducted by many magazines for men of boys a little worried about the size of the bust, but the beauty, shape, elasticity and excite them worry a lot more.

beautiful, small and firm breasts ("standing" chest) attracts more than immense balloons, which can not "stand" by definition.Such immense busts are quite unflattering.Once called no such chest and "spaniel ears" and "buffer", and "udder» ...

Elasticity bust and food.

Some products are able to preserve the beauty, firmness and breast health, only the size they are unable to increase.

There is a popular legend that legumes (beans, peas) can make a bust grow.But this is just a myth.Eating legumes, can only give breast elasticity, strengthening it.Because legumes can be prepared a variety of delicious dishes, so feel free to include them in your diet!

Do not forget that breast, separate from the body in general, can not in itself beautiful.To maintain it in good condition, must be maintained and the entire body.And the easiest way - to follow a healthy way of eating and living.The diet must be present constantly useful elements and vitamins - fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates.

way, fats are also useful, especially vegetable.They are found in nuts, soy, olives, avocados.Interestingly, the lard is also useful, because a woman's breast is usually of fatty tissue.

to maintain the elasticity of the skin and tissue, it is helpful to use fruits and vegetables orange: carrots, apricots, oranges, peppers.Very useful bananas and apricots.They are able to bring the body of toxins and make the skin younger and fresher.

help keep the shape of the breast may be in order, and whole grains and cereals from them.

past, when "lean" days of the year were much more likely to retain the elasticity of a woman's breasts to be old.But salt and salty foods to keep in the form of the breast will not help.Salt retains excess water in the body, due to which the connective tissue tends to stretch.Therefore, ladies who love to eat salty, have to decide for yourself, or salty food, or beautiful breasts.

Drugstore yeast produced, unlike cooking, just as dietary supplements.It may be useful blueberries, Brazilian nuts, eggs and garlic.All this will develop tumors in the mammary glands.

Keep the shape of breasts may help seafood.Seafood: seaweed, squid, scallops, shrimp, fish, you want to eat, except for the skin - very helpful.And your products in order to maintain the shape of the breast: potatoes, peppers, pomegranates, cherries, papaya, apples, lettuce, eggplant, broccoli, corn, nuts, sesame, asparagus, yoghurt (natural), soy and cow milks, chicken, beef, pig meat.Of course, all this requires proper cooking to preserve all useful properties.

Drinking beauty bust.

And what drink to keep the bust in order?Juices.Vegetables, berries, fruit, tea (white and green), wine (red).

Everyone knows about white tea.But in ancient times it was the Chinese emperor drank only because he was considered a very helpful and healing.White it is because in its manufacture are used only the first, not until the end of blooming, leaves, they silvery-white.

in wine, especially red, a lot of antioxidants, they are indefinitely push back the onset of old age, allowing the body to stay longer in their prime, and tissues and kozhe- elasticity and firmness.But the wine should not be abused.Women should not drink more than three glasses of 7 days.

But exercise, massages and self-massage can make the bust more.The mammary gland itself, of course, would no longer, because there is no muscle, but around it enough muscle to help keep the bust above.Therefore, it is not necessary to exhaust the body prohibitive diets, because muscle tissue may "dry up", and chest - down.

necessary to use vitamin-mineral complexes, direct extraction oil, seaweed extracts which affect the state of perfect breasts.

And still need to keep the shoulders - deployed, spinu- straight and the chest will be fine.

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