Hair removal bikini area

Many ladies do not pay any attention to this area of ​​the body, so there's just unruly curls curls vegetation and norovyaschie get out of swimming shorts.Many, of course, to trim the hair, but only with the advent of the bathing season.And someone did not bring it delves into the pink spot in the order and leave everything as "it has grown."But if the lady value their appearance and do not miss the opportunity to become even more attractive, bikini hair removal has become an indispensable process of care.

According to statistical surveys of men, more than 80 percent of them would prefer smoothness lush vegetation on the body of his beloved.Many people are embarrassed to talk about it, and some even turn a blind eye, desperate to see the smooth skin instead of sloppy hairiness.But if important to you is your intimate life, probably, should pay attention to the bikini area, and maybe then your sex life will sparkle with new colors and sensations will find freshness.

Waxing bikini line: how to do?

bikini line called a small area of ​​skin is not played for swimwear panties.The zone of deep bikini (or X-bikini) includes the area of ​​the labia majora and mons pubis.

order to visit the salon, which provides similar services, brought maximum benefit, something that is required from you.

First you need to consult a trichologist.The specialist will make the examination and recommend the option of hair removal that you have approached, taking into account the thickness, rigidity and color of hair.You can detect and contraindications for such procedures.For example, you may have a fungal infection, skin lesions of various origins, cancer (God forbid!) Disease.

specialist will take into account all this and prescribe procedure: photoepilation, electrolysis or bioepilyatsiyu.Sometimes bikini hair removal is carried out using different methods.

zone deep bikini, her hair removal

When the first moments of discomfort and embarrassment behind, is go to the more intimate question: epilation deep bikini line.Intimate haircuts using machines and scissors have sunk into oblivion, because they were short-lived, and the next day began unpleasantly grown hairs pricked.And if you remember that shaving and irritation - related things, bikini area - not a place where you resort to using a razor.

So many, as the only salvation, resorted to bioepilyatsii.After this procedure, the hair does not appear for weeks.

bioepilyatsii method is popular for a long time, and it is applied using fitosmoly and hot wax.As they say many women, when applying fitosmoly there is less pain than with wax.A session lasts about 15 minutes, the minimum length of the hairs should be more than 4 millimeters.

At the end of the session the gel applied to the skin, slowing down the growth of hair.And the procedure itself begins with the fact that you take a shower, use a special intimate cloth robe dress, go to the couch, undresses and gets a couch.Many women shared their impressions about what a painless procedure immediately after the critical days.

Design bikini line

Now a few words about the design of the bikini line.If you do not want to smoothly shave the bikini zone, you can select some mischievous intimate haircut, complementing its staining individual hairs and crystals.

Lately services bikini-design received the mass distribution.And intimate hairstyles become seriously divided into daily and evening.Many ladies are lost from the variety of offers, but reputable salons and experienced craftsmen are always ready to help and advise the individual version of the catalog, or relying on his own imagination.These may be images of cats, snakes, flowers, leaves, stars, various other figures that complement the image of irresistible ladies and impress your vote.

Intimate hairstyles are within one or two hours.The time depends on the thickness of hair, wishes, the presence or absence of additional decorative elements.Lately it has become fashionable to complement intimate haircut biotatuazha elements that give hair clarity and expressive lines.

choice is for the ladies: you can follow the traditions of our grandmothers and nurture hair jungle own panties, and you can follow fashion trends and bring in their love life and make some new cool hair in a bikini zone.

All of us ladies, we know that men - only children, though adults who would like to be surprised every day.Give them the opportunity to be surprised and happy that they got the most coveted and expensive lover in the world.

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