What is considered beautiful women's shoes?

leading world designers do not cease to amaze us, women, unique collections of clothing, accessories and shoes.What women's shoes are now not only find!Shoes and sandals, boots and ankle boots, fashion rubber boots or knitted - assortment of shakes its diversity. in a woman's life shoes occupies a special position.It may cost a huge fortune to be exclusive, and no matter what do not like, emphasizes dignity, giving confidence to her owner, allowing forget about fears.We often have many questions when choosing shoes, try to understand what is considered beautiful women's shoes.To date, unambiguous answer to this question, modern fashion does not offer "ugly shoes" is likely not the last role played by your preferences and tastes.However, every woman needs to know which models and the most fashionable styles and what clothes and accessories to it should be selected.

choosing shoes - take your time.Shoes refers to the details of the wardrobe, you want to choose carefully.Meryaya another favorite model, m

ake sure the foot is comfortable and feels comfortable in it, that the shoes are not too tight anywhere you and no pressure.Make sure that the shoes would not you too broad and loose, it may cause injuries.When measure also note that the shoes should be easy to attach and remove.Long cords and all kinds of fasteners are often very uncomfortable.It is important that the shoes had a safe and controlled way to mount the leg.

Modern footwear is not only an element of style, but also the ability to hide the shortcomings, such as women with low growth often prefer shoes with heels.That figure heels give harmony and elegance, as well as visually lengthen legs.It only remains to choose shoes with a heel height required that the most suitable to the woman created externally.But there are women who are very fond of fashion is not just one season ballet shoes or shoes with low heels.Also, the designers offer a variety of low female model on the platform, which in conjunction with properly chosen clothes and accessories look simply stunning.But the classic studs, probably always will remain at the height of fashion, because they can be combined with trousers and jeans, skirts and dresses, creating unique sexy image.

Medicine and fashion come together in one, the optimum height of the heel should be no more than eight centimeters.This is true not only from the medical point of view but also in terms of fashion, it is at such a height heel women's legs look in proportion and elegance.If you are wearing heels, it is important to know about the rules of selection of clothing for them.Sure, first of all it concerns the length of the garment.Pants are a perfect look with heels, if their length will be up to the middle of the heel, it will avoid the effect of "shot down."If you prefer skirts or dresses, it is very stylish and will look beautiful dress length just above the knee, but in some cases the length of the skirt can be below the knee, where the office dress code, or be minimal, if you choose the clothes on club party.

However, the constant wearing high heel shoes can be an ordeal, resulting in the legs will feel fatigue, blood circulation in the legs is broken.Better Shoes divided by its functional use.For walking perfect convenient and comfortable shoes without heels.For example, Marine Corps Air Station, sneakers, shoes without heels or ballet flats.In general, these shoes should be present in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman.An active lifestyle and sports are inherently included in a part of our modern life.But these shoes should not be worn too constantly, this often leads to the fact that the foot is extended, and the young girls, and they should not be abused.To use, select women's shoes in a classic style, not bright, dark colors stringent shoes made of natural materials such as leather.Business shoes perfectly complement the image of a closed style, on a wide steady heel.They can also choose a stylish leather bag.Special Occasion fit shoes of bright colors and different styles, they can be decorated with sequins and stones, varnished or other festive texture.In the hot summer in stylish dresses and sundresses suitable light ballerina or clogs, that will not only look great with him, but will be comfortable to wear.However, ladies, who in the heat of the summer can not give up high heels, designers are offering shoes and sandals with open or transparent top.These sandals look stylish and summer pants and cocktail dresses.Also very relevant in the summer flip flops, which are indispensable to be on the beach or in the pool, and beautiful braided leather thongs well suited for strolling and shopping.If you are the happy owner of a beautiful calves and ankles, the shoes with open heel - the best for you.It is believed that most of these models look nice in the presence of acute toe and thin heels.Shoes and boots, very stylish look and with trousers, skirts and elongated.High boots to the knee, such as boots, better to wear only skirts or short dresses.In the winter is better to choose platform shoes or thick steady heel made of fur, leather or suede.

shoes for all occasions presented today on the shelves of boutiques and shoe stores.And today, select shoes and dress for the evening, and to strict business suit is not difficult.Approach to the selection of shoes carefully and accurately, choose those models and styles that are right for you, because the shoes is not only a part of your wardrobe, it complements your style and completes the image.