How to withdraw the excess water from the body?

How to withdraw excess water?
Where does the excess water in the body, to learn about it to see a doctor because the causes can be many.Already themselves swelling, say you have health is something not happening.There are swelling due to problems with the heart, are swelling due to kidney problems, kidney and heart but does not always manifest themselves.To get rid of excess fluid, you need to start right now to do something.For example, reconsider your lifestyle and diet, for those reasons that delayed the excess water in the body.

not enough water in the body .
lot of people a day, drink carbonated water, coffee, tea, and other drinks, and at the same time think that they thus make up the body's need for fluid per day.But it is not.After all, our bodies need clean water, and not all of these alternatives, which are already saturated with various substances, and can not remove toxins from your body.

diuretic drink .
They are beer, soda, coffee, tea and other alcoholic beverages.They literally kic

ked out of the body fluid useful.And all that he can save the body stores water in the form of edema.

Excess salt .
This causes water retention.You ate salted herring and want to drink it all because your body wants to bring unnecessary salt.If you consistently eat a lot of salt, the body will retain water, the salt was not harmful to him.

Due to the ongoing work on the legs, or sedentary work may have swelling of the feet.

not so difficult to withdraw excess fluid, continuously comply with the main rules, which will be given below, and then you will have a beautiful and slim body.

Water diet.
you should drink per day for at least two and a half liters of water.Then your body will think that it is enough water, and will not store water in the swelling.Because the body will begin to rapidly remove toxins, and after a couple of days after the aquatic diet, you will feel in the body a burst of energy and ease.

Less salt .
If you realize that you eat a lot of salt in your diet, start to get used to, and do it gradually, eating less salty food, and it's not hard to do.It masks the taste of salt dishes, making it a different and very intense.Along with the salt obtained tasty and vigorous mix which the person sits as a drug.Even if you take the tarnished or tasteless product, sprinkle with salt, it is possible to eat and have fun.There

salt-free diet, if we go at it, you can discover the slender legs without edema, young and smooth skin, and can be found in the food diversity of tastes.

exercise, which accelerate metabolism .
to eliminate excess weight and swelling, it is vital to speed up the metabolism.The higher the metabolism in the body, it becomes easier to live, the faster are all processes.If you are an office worker, you can make the workplace charging.

Remove the swelling down will exercise famous scientist Katsudzo Nishi, improving his technique used by many Japanese.

lie down on your back, pull up your hands and feet.Hold them two minutes.Then they start to shake, shake, slowly at first, then faster and faster.This creates a vibration, which improves blood circulation and great vessels toned, cleaned of stagnant blood.This easy feel right.

If you do not want anything to shake, lift your feet on the wall and lie down like that.If you get bored just lying, you can do both exercises for the face and simple exercises for the legs.

Fasting days designed to remove excess fluid from the body.Those who often swells the body, it is advised to carry out once a week fasting days.In principle, you can unload on anything, but experienced people advise to spend fasting days from edema:

boot day molokochae .
drink do so: heated for 2 liters of milk, it is your daily rate, bringing it to a boil and throw in a good green tea, insist 30 minutes and drink.Such discharge day hearty, drink molokochay, when we feel the sensation of hunger.

Kefir discharge day.
Buy a liter of fresh 1% kefir and drink it every two hours in small sips.

fasting day - pumpkin juice .
Take pumpkin juice mixed with carrot, apple, or even some other juice, pumpkin juice will give it a good effect removes from the body all the excess water.They say if you dilute the juice with water, it will be easier to drink.Drink throughout the day as you wish.

During fasting days did not eat, but keep the water diet, drink clean water, as much as we would like.

edema help oatmeal, boiled in water, with no added sugar.After it the excess water, and asks the outside, its also called kasha beauty.For a taste you can add fruit or sprinkle with cinnamon, it speeds up the metabolism.

bath with baking soda and salt.
This is not a quick and relatively simple procedure that rids the body of excess water, provides relaxation, brings rest.Two hours before this bath did not eat or drink.

the bath pour water up to his armpits, the temperature in it should not be more than 38 degrees.Then throw back 200 grams of soda and ½ kilo of salt, stir and sit in the bath, there are no more than ten minutes.In the bath drinking a cup of hot unsweetened green tea.Then, after 10 minutes, get up from the bath, pat the body with a towel and lie down under some blankets, and 40 minutes of sweat.Then take a shower.Note that after the bath for one hour, nothing can eat and drink.In the morning on the scales will be minus a pound.

Now you know how you can bring the excess water from the body.Just do not think that if you limit the use of water, then you will not have swelling, you get the opposite result, there will be even worse swelling.Follow the tips, and you will not have problems with swelling, but before combat fluid excretion from the body, consult your doctor.

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