Change facial contours

to this method should be treated very carefully and responsibly.Manufacturers of cosmetic work to resolve this problem.It is also a distinctive feature of all age cosmetics - this is a high price.This phenomenon is related to the search and development of the latest source of rejuvenation and found numerous studies on the subject.

Brand « Leorex », created by Israeli scientists, based on the success in a science like physics, and not as a hackneyed methods are based on the biology and chemistry.The main ingredient of such cosmetics is silica.Each of its molecule is divided into a million particles and produce a nanoparticle called nanokremnezemnoy.Each particle is in contact with the skin, delaying the dead cells and harmful toxins, helping young cells, appear to replace the old.However, nanoparticles are building skin matrix lattice.This lattice replaces all the wrinkles up.Cosmetics brand «Leorex» is in the form of lotions, facial masks, various creams.

«BoosterHWNB» - is thirty masks, which are use

d for carrying out the procedures for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and correction of facial contours.The drug can be used for all skin types, and the result is visible already after the first application.In addition to the nanoparticles contained in the data masked zinc oxide, vitamins A and E, aloe extract.

«BoosterPLUS» - thirty masks, designed to change the face, its oval, straightening the skin surface.This mask is designed for sensitive dry skin.Extras include rosehip oil, apricot, peach and chamomile oil.The drug relaxes facial muscles and slows the aging process.

masks designed for oval face

acting almost instantaneously and, being rich in composition, masks are considered rightly the most effective method for the correction of facial contours.There are both expensive and affordable options, suitable for many women.One of them is collagen mask «Beauty Style» American company.This company has a very large range, suitable for all skin features.This American company is in its cream adds a large number of special components: biogold, pearl extract and a variety of plants used as extractor caviar.

Such as the French company «Lierac» uses in its productions a combination of advanced medical achievements with cosmetology.The company produces bodycare, which introduce active molecules from different plants.

«Lipofilling» / «LIPOFILLING» - this series has been deliberately made for the correction of facial contours.Lifting Cream is presented as night and day dream.It contains nourishing and moisturizing complex, vitamin E, as well as wheat and yeast extract.In the night version is added sweet almond, wax and lavender flax seeds.If you use the balance of the skin is restored, the facial features are smoothed and becomes more clear oval face.

Modeling and change the oval using the popular recipes

use traditional medicine to save the youth requires a lot of strength and perseverance than using the conventional cosmetics.Grandma's recipes, which are considered very effective in other things, in the emergency measures taken to combat age are not very helpful, they are essential and very useful for the early prevention of aging of the skin, and only in this case, well help.

to tighten facial muscles is very useful morning workout, after which you must contrast washing, you can wipe the face of cosmetic ice cube.For better actions can be used instead of ice frozen broth of herbs, which favorably influence on your face.

also need a couple of times a week, apply a cold compress to the face for a few seconds, and hot - 3 min.Compress should be done at least 5 to 10 times.This procedure is necessary to use hot and cold teas herbs: mint, dandelion, wormwood, a series, sage, St. John's wort, and so on. D. For greater effect after a compress should be applied to the face cream, preferably with a lifting effect, with special attention to the "second"chin.

while taking a shower, it is desirable to spend some time on facial massage jets of water.

And at least once a week apply a face mask of anti-aging.Its members may include one tablespoon of olive oil, mixed with two drops of lemon juice and one egg yolk.You can also beat in two tablespoons of flour one protein and one teaspoon of honey.Masks is recommended to apply on the face and twenty minutes rinse with water.

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