Types of female figures

types of female figures

first type of figures that can be represented in the form of an inverted triangle, called android.Women of this type differ from other broad shoulders, but the thigh, on the contrary, they are narrow.One expression of the properties of this figure is almost complete lack of a waist, and its difference with the hips sometimes barely comes up to twenty-five centimeters.Big breasts, flat buttocks, lower body more than the top - all that characterizes this type of shape.Most athletes have such a figure.

Because the average velocity distribution of the substances on the body weight gain in excess of this figure is deposited on the shoulders, hips, waist and stomach.In the most extreme cases, a figure of this type would be like an apple.

According to most nutritionists for android type of shape you need to eat abundantly only in the evening, and at other times be poumerennee food.This is necessary because the metabolism increases in the evening.The harm this type of figure brings

the excessive use of salt, beer, a variety of fatty sausages.It is useful to take food: rice, potatoes, fish, cereals - that is a food that is replete with complex carbohydrates.

second type of female figure is similar to the android for several characteristic features: metabolism, the accumulation of fat in problem areas.Ladies with a rectangular type shape have equal proportions in the hips, chest and waist.Flat buttocks, stocky and strong body, slender legs, broad chest - all features of this figure.Metabolism of this type is lower than that of android type.These women will have a tendency to gain weight, extra weight which will be deposited on the hips and abdomen.You must be serious about their nutrition and often restrict your diet.Also contraindicated izdenliya different sausages, beer, smoked.

third type - it ginekoidny or pear body type.This kind of hip large figure on the background of narrow shoulders and he is considered the most feminine of all kind of shapes.Waist in these figures can be as mild (the difference is less than twenty-five centimeters) and pronounced (where waist circumference is different from the hips more than twenty-five centimeters), this type of stomach is flat, the lower part of the body slightly larger than the outer.Hands and feet of this type can be of various types skeleton.Women of this type can be any body and any growth.

metabolism is very low.All excess weight accumulates in the lower part of the body: the buttocks, thighs.In addition, the lady with the type of pear shape, more than others have a tendency to cellulite.

believed that women with pear shapes fastest type of metabolism occurs in the evening.Nutritionists advise to do a moderate morning meal, and the basic foods you need to eat in the evening.The harm this figure does acute and fatty foods, sweets adversely affect it.The correct approach is to use products such as vegetables, fruits and cereals.

fourth type of female figure is considered the "hourglass".It is most similar to the type of figure ginekoidnym on metabolic rate and fat distribution throughout the body.Metabolism hourglass slightly higher than the pear-shaped type pieces.This type of figure is considered a model of femininity because of the characteristic of proportionality top and bottom.The shoulders are nearly equal in terms of the hips and waist by volume has twenty-five centimeters than the line thighs.Buttocks and bust are usually rounded and slightly curved line of the hips.The peculiarity of this kind of figure is that the recruitment of excess weight and waist will be pronounced.And with the strong thigh thinness retain their smooth curves.Excess weight distributed in the hips, breasts and buttocks.Bone system in such a form tend normostenicheskaya.Nutritionists advise not to take food the products that will harm the body.This acute and fatty foods and sweets.It is better to use products that are rich in carbohydrates: rice, bread, potatoes, and so on. D. It is also recommended to eat fish, vegetables and fruits.

Fifth view of the female figure is a type of thyroid.For women with this type is characterized by a very slender figure almost boyish physique with narrow shoulders and hips, Just noticeable breasts.The legs and hands of the proportional type, but long.Above-average growth.These women produce the impression of elegance and fragility.

metabolism high throughout the day, so the owners of this type of shape is very difficult to gain extra weight.And if it still happens, the extra weight accumulates in the upper thigh and abdomen.Ladies figure of this type is harmful to consume chocolate, coffee, sugar.The daily diet should include necessarily protein foods, fruits and vegetables, cereal.And should refrain from smoking.

sixth type of shape - a lymph.Outwardly, it resembles an apple.Women of this type is by nature likely to be overweight, the reason for this is the weak lymphatic system, that is, when the liquid is absorbed in the body and collects in the legs and arms.Also, this type of visual figures always add weight and width.Waist not pronounced, broad and massive chest.Belly often protruding.Hips and shoulders are nearly equal in volume.Legs, by contrast, are most often slim.Growth, often below average.In this type of shape once the weight is evenly distributed throughout the body.Metabolism is low, so it is best to do a morning meal rich than Vespers.This type of advise almost excluded from the diet of dairy products origin, due to the fact that milk protein is the cause of poor lymphatic drainage.The diet of these women should be rich in fruits, herbs and vegetables.It is easy to digest dark meat, fish and poultry.

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