Castor oil for weight loss

in pharmacology and medicine, castor oil is known more as a castor oil, as it is obtained from the seeds of castor beans.Castor oil is often used in the manufacture of various creams and balms.Even in ancient times, women have used this oil to stimulate the growth of hair on the head and eyelashes.For this, they rub it into the scalp and lubricate the eyelashes.Castor oil is a thick oily liquid, light yellow color with a characteristic odor.

unique properties caste oils are that they can clean the human body from various toxins, toxins, improve metabolism and positively influence the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.Simply put, this oil has a laxative effect on humans.Start using this drug is very easy to this should be once a week to drink half a tablespoon of this tool.Unfortunately, castor oil has a very unpleasant taste, so you have to either tolerate or over the counter special capsules.

When taking capsules, you will not feel the unpleasant taste and odor.

Usually castor oil takes effe

ct after 6 hours, so please pre-plan your schedule.At such times, better to abandon the long-distance travel and entertaining, as a laxative effect of the drug did not take long, and it can put you in an awkward situation.Experts warn, despite the fact that the castor oil cleanses the body of unwanted toxins, it should not be used more frequently than is required.Before the start of the use of the drug, it is desirable to consult with a specialist.While using this technique should not, eat high calorie and fat products.

Castor oil can be applied externally.It also gives good results.If you rub it in problem areas on your body, it greatly improve blood circulation, will gradually fade dark spots, a common skin condition improve.Effectively apply the slimming oil topically, very soon you can see the results.

must always remember, that castor oil is only an aid for weight loss.The main focus must be on physical exercise, balanced nutrition, eliminate from your diet any cakes, pastries, chips and other products, which adversely affect the figure.And the use of castor oil will help you in getting rid of excess weight.In oil, there are also contraindications for use, these include: during pregnancy, individual intolerance, stomach ulcers, kidney stones, decreased acidity, gastritis, bladder stones.

Subject to proper lifestyle, regular exercise, a balanced diet, castor oil is extremely effective tool designed to speed up the process of losing weight.Consider all the above written and stay healthy.

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