Kombucha slimming

Kombucha slimming.Properties fungus composition.

Kombucha is a symbiosis of yeast to acetic acid bacteria.These organisms are in the process of interaction form the complete colony.The shape resembles the usual tea fungus mushroom hat, only to hang her numerous "threads".It has something resembling a jellyfish, for which he was at one time called "meduzomitsetom."With brewing tea and sugar Kombucha infusion may form, which, as the infusion may contain organic acids, vitamins - D, PP, B, C, enzymes, di- and monosaccharides, lipids, alcohol, chlorophyll.

elements that are part of the fungus, the human body needs for a full life.In this connection Kombucha advised as a preventive and curative agent which can improve the tone of life and strengthen the immune system.

desired effect of weight reduction using Kombucha is achieved by the action of enzymes that are present in large numbers as part of the fungus that cause the body to break the enzyme (lipase), break down proteins, ie enzymes protease and m

etabolism - normalized.By the way, slowing metabolism often leads to the formation of excess weight.Scientists have proven that a violation of the digestive system, the accelerated aging of the human body is closely related to the lack of enzymes.With him is related and general health deterioration.That is why to use infusions of tea fungus is useful not only for those who want to part with the extra weight, but also to all those who care about their health, especially the elderly.

Kombucha.Recommendations for weight loss:

To digestive process to normalize and accelerate the breakdown of fat cells that recommend eating based drinks tea fungus and medicinal herbs.It is necessary to boil the water, add the dry mixture of herbs (7 Art. Tablespoons per liter of boiling water) and continue to boil for another 30 minutes, to insist all fifteen minutes and strain.The broth mixed with the mushroom extract (1: 1) and set to infuse for three days.After 3 days the broth is ready, it is necessary to take two or three glass twice daily.Rate is calculated for the quarter with a week break.

Herbal weight loss and infusions Kombucha:

  • can take buckthorn bark brittle (8 hours. Tablespoons), 1 tbsp.a spoonful of dandelion root of the drug, 2 desk.spoon roots harrow the field;The above extracts prepared by prescription;
  • 2 table.spoon buckthorn bark brittle;1 tbsp.spoon fruits of fennel;1 table.Spoon dandelion roots;1 table.Spoon fruit parsley vegetable garden;1 table.teaspoon of peppermint;
  • 3 table.spoon sloping buckthorn bark;1 table.spoon yarrow, 1 tbsp.Spoon Viola tricolor, 1 tbsp.teaspoon cumin (fruit);1 table.Spoon corn silk.

During the course of weight loss with the help of concoctions with Kombucha recommend to comply with the dietary supply system.Do not abuse the salty, sweet.We need to abandon the starchy food.There are recommended in small portions.Do not eat fat, together with carbohydrates and proteins.

To effect was more prominent, it is recommended, along with infusions of tea fungus, drink fresh vegetable juices: carrots, spinach, cucumber, celery.All the proportions - one to one.

Kombucha is also possible to push not only herbal but also on green tea, which also has useful properties and helps to lose weight.

In this environment, the fungus grows faster and live longer, not covered with brown spots.Infusion thus enriched with additional vitamins - P, K, B2, which contribute to the improvement of the skin, strengthen the hair and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

If you decide to use slimming tea grip, then at the same time you can try and improve the condition of skin lotion and prepare the following recipe.

half liter infusion of fungus delayed for at least 4 weeks mixed with boiled water and wipe the skin lotion so after a shower or bath.It is easy to massage problem areas.The lotion is suitable for everyday use: it tones and refreshes skin, clears the remnants of soap or shower gel.

Kombucha for weight loss.Recommendations:

Infusions Kombucha can be used all year round, but especially the benefits they bring, of course, in the summer.Beverages based on tea fungus have the ability to stay cool under any zero temperature, so they can easily quench their thirst.

Infusions tea fungus can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator in sealed cans or bottles.It is better to drink these infusions before meals - about 1 hour, or after - in two hours.Substances that are part of the infusion of fungus can actively interact with other elements and lead to premature feelings of hunger.Traditional healers read that infusions of tea fungus is useful to drink on an empty stomach each morning.They believe that the extracts are able to prepare the digestive system for subsequent meals.


If a person suffers from high acidity of the stomach or diabetes, ulcer, gastritis, it is not recommended to use infusions of tea fungus.This is especially true with the addition of infusions of green tea.But as for the rest of the cases, the contraindications for receiving infusions of tea fungus is gone.But if you drink beverages based on it regularly, it is recommended once every three months to make weekly breaks.