Biography of actress Anna Snatkina

Snatkina Anna was born in Moscow on July 13, 1983 to a family of aircraft.As a child she is professionally engaged in sports aerobics and gymnastics, she has received the first adult category in the sport, and even performed at the Olympic Youth Games.Parents are not prepared to Anna artistic career;father offered to send their children to the Institute of Physical Education, and my mother Ana OTHER career economist.Snatkina itself argues that the desire to become an actress came to her after watching the movie "The Bodyguard" with Whitney Houston.Already in the 8th grade purposeful girl I decided to become an actress, much to surprise his family.Then she sat down to study the history of theater and drama, and went to the school theater club.Visiting this mug and brought her first major role of Lucy in the musical "Tutti Ukhta."After a couple of years, only going to the high school, Anne recorded the preparatory courses in the Shchukin School, and a year later - in the course of VGIK.

After graduation documents were submitted directly to three of the university: GITIS, Moscow Art Theater School and Film Institute.In the last two, Anna was accepted but chose VGIK, so in her own words, she was cinematography "closer."The head of her group was a famous Soviet actor Vitaly Solomin, refers to students with great love.

only entered VGIK, Anna became spread their portfolios to various film companies, and because of its tenacity already in the second year of VGIK she has achieved the first major movie roles: she played the Christmas tree in the series "Moscow Saga".A year later, she again received an offer to play in the series, it was the role of Nina in Stasova "Site."

It was then, in the third year of VGIK, the actress won a severe illness, intervertebral hernia that results from active sports as a child.Doctors believe that Snatkina be confined to a wheelchair, but close attention, strong character and love of his profession helped it return to normal life.For two years she wore a corset, even on the set, but work in the film, says Anna was "a strong incentive to recovery."

At the undergraduate Snatkina began to receive several proposals survey year.In 2004 she played in two series, "I will not go back" and "Fighter".At first, such a tight schedule with hardly give young actress, especially because she had to take part in theatrical productions diploma.However, Anna opted for a movie, and made the right decision.

After graduating Snatkina becoming one of the most sought-after actresses.Biography of Anna at that moment full of events.In 2005, she played in the three series ("Yesenin", "Airport" and "Doomed to become a star") and one feature film ("Unexpected Joy").It is the role of Eugene Azarov to "Doomed to become a star," Anna brought the love of the audience and fame.She began to learn on the streets and ask for autographs.One woman with ehavshaya Snatkina in the elevator, turned to her ...."Eugene Azarina."Ironically, it is for this role the actress had to be overcome, the casting was about 200 contestants and Snatkina first offered to play another character named Natasha.But Anna was able to convince the directors and producers that she should be given the role of Zhenya.

Unlike most colleagues Snatkina loves his work on the series.They can watch the development of character and step by step to improve the style of play.However, despite the extremely busy in films, Snatkina continues to participate in theatrical productions.So in 2009 she played Rosalind in "Flying myshe" (Director: Renata Sotiriadi), Catherine in "8 zhenschinh and ..." (Director: S. Poselsky) and Sidon in the "Great zebra" (director: P. Ursul).

Anna continues to act as in the series, and in motion pictures.Last year, the serial drama "On the sunny side of the street" (the novel by Dina Rubina) Snatkina got the role of a mature woman with a hard life.Her heroine Kate evacuated from besieged Leningrad to Tashkent, where he became the market swindler, hide their activity from the little daughter.This role was a kind of experiment, but even as a young girl, Anna easily coped with the role of 40-year-old heroine, what helped her acting talent and skillful age makeup.

most iconic Anna finds her role as Natalia Goncharova in the film "Pushkin.Last Duel ", directed by Natalya Bondarchuk.Initially, this feature film about the last years of life of the great poet was conceived as a series, but soon its format was changed.The film, which tells of the most dramatic events in the life of "the sun of Russian poetry" and demanded a complex dramatic games and the ability to get used to the era.As a result of many efforts by the Snatkina and her partner Sergei Bezrukov tape (Pushkin), the Russian screen appeared one of the most heartfelt love duets.

On the role of Anna Goncharova Snatkina dreamed for a long time.Even as a child she was resting on a camp site in the village Yaropolets, former estate of Goncharov's childhood Natalia Nikolaevna.After reading her biography and even find each other and beloved Pushkin some resemblance.

Now that Anna Snatkina in the luggage of more than 20 serious roles, she can demonstrate to the public and many of his other abilities.Thus, in the television project "Dancing with the Stars - 2» she paired with Yevgeny Grigorov won first place.Anna also enjoys singing and recorded some of its discs (saudtreki to "I will not go back" and "Tatyana's Day").

Currently Snatkina Anna starred in the TV series "Russian heiress", ordered the channel "Russia 1".There she got the starring role, her character suddenly has a son, who was presumed dead at birth.At the same time, the heroine receives a legacy that is going to spend on emergency treatment of his son.

about his personal life does not like to talk Snatkina.We know that she is not yet married, but met with actor Andrei Chernyshov and his dancing partner Yevgeny Grigorov.In late 2009, it announced its intention to marry a man distant from the movie medium, a businessman named Maxim.Here's a she, the biography of the actress and beautiful woman Anna Snatkina.