How to care for extended lashes?

eyes with lashes are amazing, gorgeous, amazing.However, it would not hurt to know more in advance about what kind of procedure is, what it is, whether all fit and in general, how to care for lashes.

Artificial cilia happens as follows: expert, using a special glue false eyelashes strengthens the chosen length of the lashes to your home, work is very meticulous, but patience is.Each new eyelash live as much as an eyelash native, on average, about three weeks.Then you can go to the salon for the procedure Correction of eyelashes, where a specialist you will recover only those eyelashes that have fallen out.Correction is much cheaper, and you, in turn, keeps amazing groomed eyelashes.

Each salon will offer you an option to choose capacity.At your request, the master will make you a very long and thick eyelashes, but in this case, you can be like a Barbie doll, because these eyes will not look very natural.The most popular and frequently chosen option - to glue a few lashes around the eyes age, plus one

small bunch of lashes from the outer corner of the eye.

You have to properly care for your lashes, otherwise you will lose them fast.Try as little as possible to touch and touch them, do not rub your eyes, wash have carefully controlling, not to get water on the cilia.When removing eye makeup, be especially careful, aiming to remove make-up so that the means to make-up remover cream and skin care around the eyes have not been put on the junction of the eyelashes.Try to use lean tools as fat - it is an excellent solvent, it can dissolve the glue that connects the eye to the eyelash, and you lose it.

Generally, if you do build, try to renounce the use of mascara, mascara because it can significantly reduce their lifespan.Look in the mirror - your eyelashes so beautiful, that the ink they are not required!In addition, clear away curlers, eyelashes, they will not go well for the future, and the master took you exactly the length, bend and shape of the eyelashes, which is best suited to your face type.

If you wear contact lenses, it is desirable at least occasionally wear glasses, because constant taking off and putting on the lenses can injure lashes.Also, you have to constantly keep them in mind when dressing as their clothing, too easily hurt.

specialist will give you a recommendation to refrain from visiting saunas and baths, and pool use special protective glasses.One of the most difficult constraints - this is a dream on my stomach and side.You now have to sleep on the back only because lying on its side, eyelashes, or rather their side portion may be deformed, and if you fall asleep on his stomach, then his face buried in the pillow, in the morning you will find that many lashes broken, bent indifferent directions or even peeled off.

When you want to get rid of the lashes, then apply the evening before going to sleep on them vegetable oil, and by the morning they are easy to peel off your family natural cilia.Remember that if properly care for her eyelashes, you do not cause damage to your own eyelashes and Naroscheny will serve you faithfully within the allotted period.

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