Permanent makeup: tips on caring

Permanent makeup is contraindicated in people who have diabetes or asthma, those who suffer from skin diseases and pregnant women.When taking medications that thin the blood, as do permanent makeup is contraindicated.You can not make permanent a few days before the onset of menstruation and before its end.

brightness of the pigment should be selected, taking into account that it will fade of about 20-40%.

Eyebrows - is the foundation of a person.The color should be chosen so that it looked like the most natural.Permanent make-up allows us not only to shape but to disguise scars or poor hair growth.There are pros and cons of the procedure.

Pros: permanent makeup eyebrow is an inexpensive and quick way to "rejuvenate". Cons: should not rely on the fact that you can forget about their care.Blonde girls have to tint the hair.Just have to constantly adjust hair growth, respectively, to create a form and bend.Please note that the color pigments (brown and light) contain in their composition of iron ox

ide, a chemical compound can cause a manifestation of reddish tint your eyebrows.After the procedure, it is desirable to impose a healing ointment (Bepanten, Solkoseril, Aktovegin or Traumeel-S), performed it should be for 2-5 days.

Just errors may wizard, for example such as the lack of visual symmetry.In this case, the form is corrected with paint that has a solid color, but the client must be prepared for the fact that at this point the skin will look smeary creams.

big mistake is considered a miss with a hint as to make the color darker, you can always lighten up and it is very problematic.You should carefully choose the master and salon services which you intend to use.

eyelid - permanent makeup eyelids visually increases the volume of your lashes and makes the look more expressive.

Advantages of this procedure: the technique of makeup allows us to adjust the shape of the eyes, planting depth, due to liner color pigment (green, purple, blue, gray) underlines eye color. Cons: deciding on permanent makeup century should be clearly understood that a long time, your image will be the same.Also, you can not get rid of the chosen color eyeliner at least six months.After the procedure is applied healing ointment.

Makeup artists believe that permanent makeup can age is ideal for both young girls and women after 40-ka.During these years the paint of natural beauty and youth last extinguished and natural lines have less expressive.Also, permanent makeup is very convenient for those women who wear glasses, as with poor vision have to pay a lot of time for eye makeup.Conduct a thin line on the upper eyelid becomes even more complicated than shade shadows.As a result, we are losing a lot of time and our precious nerves.Unprofessional makeup sometimes looks rough or sloppy, but permanent makeup eliminates this problem.After the procedure done, you can use the drug "Clean tear 'or drip drops" Visine "to remove red-eye.You may receive a feeling that you have in front of the sand, but this discomfort is quite normal, and quickly.In contrast to the lips, eyelids heal quickly - about a week.Just as in permanent make-up eyebrows or lips, skin peels first primary, secondary, and then descends.After the make-up procedure becomes 20-30% lighter, and color tone becomes colder than after a procedure.

Lips - this is one of the most sensitive areas on the face.In this area there is a large number of nerve endings and blood vessels.And precisely because of this permanent makeup lips is one of the most painful procedures in cosmetology.

Pros permanent makeup lips: to hide the imperfect shape or scars, visually add volume and uniform color, outline the lips mask dark spots. Cons: if your body is present the herpes virus, which periodically manifests itself, then be prepared for relapse.

To this did not happen, it is necessary to start preventive supplementation: Zovirax, Acyclovir or Valtrex.After the procedure should not apply the gel, there needs cream (topically): Bepanten, Solkoseril, Aktovegin or Traumeel C for 2-5 days.To reduce swelling of the lips, it can be a compress of dry ice.Pieces of ice should be put in a plastic bag, then wrapped in a towel.Also, as a supplement to care, you can use hygienic lipstick.Within a few hours after the procedure, not recommended to drink hot drinks, do not eat hot spices in food, avoid contact with cosmetics and your partner with mucous.

Do not touch the surface of permanent makeup.A few days after the procedure made appear a crust, it can last a few days, but the crust must not be removed as this place can form a scar or a space in color.Once your crust peeled, permanent takes a lighter color.More in a few days the lips take the second degree of healing, lips will be as if gray.When it will come down, 10-12 days will take the permanent form and color, which will be the next 3-5 years.

the final result of permanent makeup plays an important role postprotsedurny care, care tips here following.

throughout the healing time is needed to eliminate drugs on the basis of antibiotics and drugs blood thinners, cream or gel in permanent.In the market for a long time we have professional care cream lips, eyebrows and eyes after the procedure was conducted.These drugs help the rapid recovery of the skin.The use of antivirals as effectively, they provide better protection against various types of lesions of viral origin.The healing period is not recommended to go to the bath or sauna, solarium, swimming in ponds or pools, as it can soak permanent makeup.It is necessary to include the area in the dry permanents can not comb or rub.Do not use formulations which contain alcohol.After healing, the correction can be made if necessary.

Here they are, make-up and care tips.We hope you will easily follow them.

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