Should I start a new relationship with ex-husband?

times to find out whether or not to renew the relationship, if preserved feelings enough to ask yourself another question: if you can not restart them, if given the opportunity?

love truly

What to do to become a true love does not last?Learn to listen.Try to get in the position of partner.Just imagine that you're on business negotiations: hear an opponent, agree with him, and then later attempt to convey to him his true.Learn to express feelings.Say what you will hurt if you feel pain, tell you in a rage, if so.And, of course, talking about love.Learn to love.In relationships, people often manipulate each other.This is a road to nowhere: instead, to give partner to go with you for life, you pull him away by force.Love yourself, love partner, and do not require a response from the senses.Learn to give freedom.It is important not to overdo it with their emotions.Understand: the excess of love stifles even the most sincere feelings.

To be or not to be?

good news for those who do not know whether t

o try again to start the relationship: according to most psychologists, if you really want, the risk is still possible.Past partners may attract you, if you really love, or if something in your relationship was not decided, did not finish.Take a look at yourself and try to answer the question - what motivates you?If people have left, but there was something unsaid each other, not fully realized all that could reveal in themselves the desire to return will remain.My opinion - if you erase from the memory of man can not, it makes sense to try again.Just do not over, but a new way.Maybe see a different attitude, or the man himself.We need to understand outweigh any disadvantages, because of which you have left, your feelings, are you ready to accept your partner for who he is.If you are passionate about, it is necessary to take a loved one, with all its "shortcomings."And take responsibility for the choice: "I'm doing it for myself, not for him, marriage, and so on."If the feelings on both sides remained, the separation must be considered as a time-out to analyze the situation.When two people decide to voluntarily live separately, and then realize that they can not do without each other, so to come - a new round of more mature relationship.They are trying to figure out who and what was wrong.To reconcile, to avoid the conclusion impossible.So we become more mature and wiser.If the feelings are preserved - a relationship not been completed.This leads, on the one hand, to the loss of energy through meditation on the partner, and on the other, increases the likelihood of a recurrence of such problems in future relationships.Therefore it is necessary to complete or correct these relations, that is to thank the partner for all the good that was between you and goodbye, or renew their, discuss problems that have not been solved in the past.

not repeat the mistakes

So, the goal is clear: self-respect and harmony with oneself and the world.But how can this be achieved?Each of the specialists have their own techniques and methods, which they share with you.If you still have left, follow a few guidelines.Take a photo with the object of your love.Forbid yourself to discuss these relations.Go to language courses, do some dancing, yoga, be occupied.Embark on a journey.The main thing - to enter the "new-old" communication is not for the purpose of revenge, and with the intent to understand something in yourself and the other person.When you aim at the realization of what you have been given this man, and you - to him, then you both have the ability to "grow".And then it will be clear whether you need each other.And, of course, not part with your favorite.If you love and are loved indeed.The desire to restore the relationship, which once caused pain may be associated with a secondary benefit of the suffering experienced.For example, people want to maintain their image I so kind that forgive him ... Behind this may also hide some fear.For example, you are afraid of failure in their careers and lives up to its omission to take care of her husband and children.If you broke up for a while and then decided to come back, I heartily recommend a partner to take this for what it is.All these cute bad habits of your second half - just beacons that bind you to the object of your love.If you learn to ignore the little things, your union will be durable and reliable.Resuming relations should be discussed with a partner:

- what is my (and only mine!) Contribute to the creation of our problems;

- I promise to do and not to do in this regard in the future;

- what I will need the support of a partner;

- I feel (about your feelings as you need to tell the partner);

- draw the image of a common future, inspiring both (make sure that the controversy did not prevent the creation of the image);

- to say what I'm willing to pay for the implementation of this image.And do not demand anything in return from a partner!

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