What to say to her husband, on what topics?

But what lies behind this seemingly idyllic facade?And why so many women continue to wonder: "What to say to her husband, on what topics?»

conversation - is the need of every human being, a necessary daily practice.It does not matter whether it originates in the oral form, in writing or in any other;but people are deprived of communication begin to experience negative emotions, to feel unhappy or even lose their minds.Naturally, women deprived of communication with your man may feel unwanted or abandoned.

Do not forget that the relationship - it is time-consuming, daily, every minute, even more work.And if the two have legalized their relationship, they have stability, this is not to say that the work is finished.On the contrary - all the fun ahead.To at the expiration of time romanticism did not leave the relationship, you must have the reliability, commitment, sensuality.On the other hand, you can often hear that among people who have long been together, there is no fresh sensations, excitement, mo

re simply, a spark.It is likely that this is because they are so buried in work on the possibility of mutual trust, which completely forget about the "little things" that once gave zest to their relationship.

It is possible that, in the opinion of her husband, romanticism is to be killed at work for the welfare of his family.And it's not a crime.However, there's that to think about.If you think it's about you, here's some good advice - you need to relive what happened a long time ago, to be specific - are cases when you spend time together and have fun.There will approach any pastime of cycling in the park to hike a football match.Do it, just you and your husband.Forget the day's career, offspring, diseased grandmother;all routine affairs.Do not expect lightning to improve, be consistent.Then you can tell your man that you love him, and as an aphrodisiac, after days spent like this.Pick your words, but not too shy, make him experience the excitement.

conversation before making love - is another way to refresh the senses.This, of course, a matter of taste, but worth it to try.You can discuss your desires and feelings at the moment - it will lead to better understanding and satisfaction.The main thing is to be sincere and very open, perhaps you can find out for myself something new, or even up to a different level.

Try to not only talk but listen.But apart from that and remember what they heard.Every person is nice to know that listening to it.So you can not only show that a man is important and necessary to you;You find out that he is interested in what is paramount in the list of his hobbies.Feel free to take it on arms and conquer again and again to her husband, surprising him the degree of their knowledge and familiarity with the latest developments in the sphere of his interests.When you learn to listen, you will also learn, perhaps casually dropped from phrases, what is lacking in some aspects of your family life, and thus will be able to compensate for the disadvantages.

Think again about his lifestyle.Add adventure and unexpected events in the everyday world.Enrich your day impressions and you will immediately see that the talk.Creative imagination, this will improve your mood, and his eyes shine.It is not necessary to call to the office of her husband ten times a day to tell him the latest news is much better to reserve it for the evening - then he will have time to get bored and will look forward to meeting you.Talking about life and everyday life, you can inspire and the following ideas: try to reorganize the domestic affairs in a manner so as not to feel the slightest need to discuss (or even to sort things out) boring moments of daily routine.For example, a dishwasher or a bank account from which the monthly utility bills written off, dropping the need to spend time and effort to find out who should wash the dishes or deal with the accounts.

not to ask the question "what to talk to her husband?";remember that mutual intimacy - it is sincere, intimate relationships when both give and take unselfishly.Try to keep this heat from your fireplace, then there is always a huge number of topics for discussion!

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