How to meet a guy, if a small breast?

Whatever it was, yet you should not create a problem out of nothing.Even if it is "nothing" it is very important for you personally.And certainly do not have a claim to their own shape and appearance.First, you need to love yourself for who you are, because of how you feel about yourself, and depend on the way you are treated by others.Secondly, the modern world has a great variety of ways and methods of correction of everything that you do not like: the shape of the nose to lift the buttocks.And finally, thirdly, some of the claims of women to own appearance totally unfounded.

to one of these problems is far-fetched and small breasts.And it is quite discouraging young girls naive questions like this: How to meet with a guy, if you have small breasts?In adult women, even young, this cry from the heart will cause except that smile.What does a meeting with the guy and your breast size?Or love only for the huge bust of a la Pamela Anderson?Or is it the most important criterion for a critical view of the m

ale?Does love for a bust?And is love, if only for him and love?

Yes, good to talk to those who have life experience behind them and loved in stock.But for many young creatures small breast becomes a huge problem, because of which women are actually complexes, and even longer to meet with young people hesitate vicinity.And, in general, they are not to blame for the emergence and development of the complex - the propaganda of sex and the charms of the fourth size do their job.In fact, whether the Internet is not the virtual space, he would have burst from an overabundance of photos and videos with babes busts that barely fit into the lens.Keep up with the World Wide Web and glossy magazines, movies and anime.Well, what conclusion can make a young mind with such a massive attack lush charms?Of course, small breasts - is flawed.

How are things really?This flaw or a gift of nature?

As has long been noted, everything in the world is relative and is relative.As there is the same taste in women, because they do not have the men.Someone prefers buxom ladies, and someone likes Ladnaya, proportional figure, makes a woman look like a teenage girl.But exactly what opinion polls reveal different men - very, very few of them like an artificially enlarged breasts.So, as the saying goes, the rich, and so happy.

Yes, and think myself, did the view of a young man whose world is large converged on a woman's breast can all be taken seriously?Should I meet with?Can there be a strong relationship in the family, if the love of the man based on the value of your chest?Most are not funny?Why are you going out with a guy?Is it just for the bed?Is it not for the sake of creating a family and having children?Believe me, good or bad you'll be a wife and mother, it is dependent on your own, rather than on the size of your bust.

In addition, our world is unique, but because everything in it has its advantages and disadvantages.For example, the undoubted advantages of small breasts can assume that it is much longer remains elastic and does not sag after childbirth, not even the only one.And small breasts visually rejuvenates a woman, with her you can sleep on your stomach, it is easy to run, and ride a bike.Moreover, at all times, aristocrats were supposed to have a small bust, thanks in no small measure contributed to corsets.Oh, how hard they were pyshnotelye noble maidens!

So the main thing is not whether a breast size, and the fact that women often do not see their own strengths, but painstakingly pick holes.In fact, the problem of small breasts, there is only a set.And it is formed in the brain due to the maiden desired to meet favorite and stupefying propaganda of sex and the pursuit of artificially created sexuality.Those who create it, it is clear, it is necessary - they fortune row.But why do you give in this zombie and ashamed of what is given by nature?All that you need a girl with small breasts to meet with a guy - it overcome its complex and realize that if men loved only representatives of huge busts, mankind would become extinct are still many hundreds of years ago.

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