The man loves his eyes, ears and a woman

Echoes and Kazakh proverb that says: "Are your ears all take for granted, eyes'm not imitate their example."A Sari Gabor argues that the man loves his eyes, ears and a woman.And what?What does it mean if you follow the logic? that women are much easier to cheat, because she no longer trusts the ears than the eyes?Alas, to a large extent this is true.

In loving woman out of nowhere appears unpleasant feature - it loses the ability to believe what he sees, if you do not want to believe it.But ready to believe any lie from the mouth of a loved one, if only it did not disappoint.The biggest mistake of loving a woman - to erect a pedestal, set up on his beloved, stand by, enjoy, and all the forces trying to keep him on this pedestal.A man can behave in this somehow, dodge, change, but do not forget to whisper in the ears of the favorite words of affection and tenderness, assuring her of his love.And she will listen and believe.Every word.Any deception.Just not broken, not shattered the fragile little world

of its ghostly happiness.

And it may destroy the notorious well-wishers - neighbors, colleagues, or simply envious gossip.Because for denunciations, slander and gossip also need ears.Maybe that's why they were created and spread, and listen to mostly women.

men are much more difficult to convince something talk.And if he saw something yourself, then convince the reverse is not possible.What words, he saw his own!

People are too well aware of the weaknesses of each other and many shamelessly use them.Almost any woman can achieve, if we talk, talk, talk to her nice words.Every now and then to say that he loved her, that life without it does not make sense that he was looking for her for so many years and finally found ... Every woman eventually gives up and starts to believe it.He continues to believe, even when a man achieves his goal and lose interest in it, his words remain just words, it is not confirmed by deeds.But the woman had fallen in love with an illusion, he puts his chosen ideal qualities of the image, which he dreamed, and she had no doubt that it is desirable and loved.The very need to be loved, to hear from the flow of fine words lover makes her believe in something that was not there.

woman happy in love and that the happiness of playing tricks on her.She forgets that the person should be judged not by words but by deeds.And if your favorite rants only, not lift a finger to help, to support, to do something for her, or instead, it speaks for itself.An interesting fact is that the question of what evidence that a man loves her, can cause a woman, the latter usually indignantly replied: "Love does not have to prove!You just need to believe! "But is this argument?Men in this respect is much more far-sighted, although there were sometimes quite cynically.

An excellent example is the recently popular song about a young man who went to the army and decided to check how strong the love of his girlfriend.He wrote a letter in which he reported that he had burned his face and broke the legs and asked her to come to take him home to.But the beloved replied that there is no love and asked her to forget.When the same guy served and returned, she happily met and tried to hug, but met adamant refusal.That's all.No more words are needed - all said to act for themselves.It is significant, is not it?

Here we are different - in one powerful and vulnerable in another.Men and women, eyes and ears.But if we speak frankly, rejecting all opinions and sayings, it genuinely loving person does not love the ears and eyes and hearts.It does not matter who he is - man or woman, there is nothing stronger than true love.

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