Female friendship and financial situation

However, it still exists, although it is far from the concept by which we used to mean friendship.Anyone will tell you that a friend - is not the same thing as one, and will be right.After all, for example, the word "make friends" and "friends" also have different meanings: the first - time, and the second - a constant.And girlfriend - normally for a while, and others - for life.

But those who believe that the girl, the woman can not be a friend, too, is wrong.Maybe it is even true.Of course, not everyone is too severe and complicated world around us, too many temptations around, too unstable and emotional female nature.What did not affect her, from what did not change the mood, attitude!But a particularly strong impact in recent years on everything and everyone have money.The whole world is fascinated by the constant pursuit of financial well-being, worthy of financial position.And this is the strong attachment, which can be overcome only a few.Uncontrollable desire for material possessions spread f

or thousands of families destroyed more than a dozen thousand relations.How much independent of each other can be female friendship and financial situation?

And how in general can be an independent woman?Really, really from nothing and no one independent?To some extent, of course, maybe if she paid jobs, personal car, own house or apartment.But it's just things that do not talk, do not calm down, do not advise.But life is unpredictable and sometimes stinging mercilessly substitutes steps and throws surprises, confronts disparate goals.And so you need to close was someone who will listen and understand, sympathize and cheer, and will tell!The husband?Not always understand and imbued women experiences, he's still a man.Mama?Do not tell it all, do not want to upset, and she may live too far away to reach out and cry on my shoulder.At such moments, and you know that female friendship - just what you need.

The strongest it, perhaps when the girl-friends grew up together, know each other from childhood.This friendship, as a rule, have nothing to fear - no difference in the financial position or are separated by distance.How wonderful if life gave you a true friend who knows you, like myself!Others who can speak without fear, without choosing his words, cry, share, knowing that you will listen, understand correctly, give advice and support.It is a pity that not all so lucky ...

For where as usually happens much more offensive and more banal: happiness destroys relationships, wealth elevate to the top, which is not seen less successful childhood friend.Or vice versa - the last one forgot about you, money, long trips, expensive things dizzy taken away and locked in a golden cage.And even in case of extreme necessity, not every material can ask for help from friends.Just as not all ready to provide this assistance.

In addition, if the fate of the divorced friends on opposite sides of prosperity arising Test envy and condescension, too, not all survive.One does not allow pride to accept that the relationship flourishes and can afford everything, and at this time it barely fits in salary.While others like to be a benefactor and friends showered with gifts and well even if these friends do not come envy.

But the ugly picture usually occurs when a successful marriage of one friend and the status of other single mothers.What generosity, love and kindness, true friendship requires a woman to not be jealous, do not compare their advantages and disadvantages, lucky friends!Experience shows that no financial position, namely, the difference is one of the main culprits collapse of women's friendships.Everything can be just a friend, put up with everything, except her family happiness.

So there it is, a female friendship, there certainly.And there is a gentle, warm and good, but the thin, fragile, dependent.

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